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Best Health Insurance Companies in Michigan

by Eddie V.

Health Insurance Michigan, Michigan Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Michigan

When it comes to health care, residents of Michigan have a few choices since the state ranks 32 in the health care industry. If you are employed and your employer does not provide you or your family with a good health insurance plan, it is time for you to invest in one.

The recent survey has proved that around 51 % of the people in Michigan go for the health insurance plan provided by their employer. The next big chunk (around 22 %) opt for Medicaid and Medicare (15 %) respectively.

In Michigan, health insurance plan comes in metal tiers which are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The more coverage you want, the more you would have to pay. A catastrophic plan is a plan for people who are below 30. In such a plan, the monthly premium is low, but you would have to shell out a large deductible.

If you are a resident of Michigan, here are the top health insurance companies you would like to consider.

Health Insurance Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network is a nonprofit organization and the state’s largest health insurance company. Established in 1998, this health insurance company has the largest health care network with over 900,000 members and almost 6000 doctors all across the state. Plans are divided into bronze, silver and gold plans with 60, 70 and 80 % coverage respectively.


McLaren Health Plan

McLaren Health Plan is one of the largest health insurance companies in Michigan. Established in 1998, the organization has over 260, 000 members across the state. Earning the Pinnacle Award since 2013, this health insurance company is also accredited by NCQA. There are several health plans offered by this company be it large group, small group, individual, Medicaid, Medicare Supplement or Healthy Michigan.

Small and large group plans are for employers with under 50 and over 50 full-time employees respectively while individual plans are purchased by individuals to cover themselves. The Healthy Michigan Plan offers coverage to qualified Michigan residents who are aged between 19-64. The Medicaid Plan is a joint venture which provides health care benefits to low-income groups. It mostly covers senior citizens, children, and blind or disabled people.

Michigan Health Insurance


Established in 1997, Meridian has over 700, 000 members and as many as 45,000 providers across six states including Michigan. Rated 4 out of 5 by NCQA in the year 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18, Meridian was also rewarded with the Pinnacle Award in 2014 for their excellence in work. For the residents of Michigan, Meridian has a lot of health plans to offer like Medicaid, Medicaid Expansion, Individual-Family and Medicare-Medicaid.

Medicaid has the MeridianHealth plan which is partnered with the state of Michigan and is a Medicaid managed health plan. Medicaid Expansion Plan includes the Healthy Michigan Plan which provides health benefits to the residents of the state of Michigan at a minimum cost. Individual-Family includes MeridianChoice plan for individuals and family members through the Health Insurance Marketplace while Medicare-Medicaid includes the MeridianComplete plan which is a plan offered to people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.


Established in 1980 by Doctor C. David Molina, this health insurance company has come a long way. Molina Healthcare, which is headquartered in Long Beach, California, has a large network of doctors across the state of Michigan and is renowned for providing health insurance to people through government health care programs like Medicaid and Medicare. Since its inception, it has received many awards and is also accredited by NCQA.


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