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What is Microsoft Word for Mac?

by Rick S.

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Word for Mac - A Guide for Microsoft Word for Mac

It was Microsoft that came with the word processing software Microsoft Word. In 1985, the application was released for the first time on the Mac. It is different from other text editors on the market such as Notes because of its more robust platform and sophisticated features like inserting images, spell checking, and merging data sourced from databases. WYSIWYG or what-you-is-what-you-get interface is a popular trait of today’s word processors.

The million dollar question is whether you require Microsoft Word for Mac or not.

Did you know that the Mac Operating System is equipped with a full-fledged word processor referred to as Pages? It is also a part of the iWork office suite of Apple that also features presentation software and a spreadsheet and offers a WYSIWYG interface. The feature enables the users to create charts or even insert pictures and can even handle the invoicing feature for small offices and several other standard functionalities that are typically offered by any good word processor.

It is important to note that Pages is a component of iCloud and is available as one of the applications on the Mac. The advantage of Pages being cloud-based is that any Mac can be accessed by the Mac through the web. Another great feature of Pagers is that it is available as a free download app for both iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft Word
In case you are working or collaborating with people using Microsoft Office or businesses that use the app as a platform for their word processing needs, you may opt for Microsoft Word. However, in case you have a small business, looking for a good word processor to use at home or are studying, you may go for Pages and not invest in MS Word.

Distinctions between Word for Mac OS and Office 365

The key distinction between Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016 is the way you pay for them. Did you know that Office 365 is a purely subscription-based service? However, if you are contemplating whether to purchase it outright, you need to deliberate before getting into action.

Unlimited chat support and phone services are offered by the subscription service. You can also avail 1 hour of Skype calls every month, as well as, one TB of data storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive, which is a platform for cloud storage. The storage capacity offered is more economical when compared against that of Dropbox or Google Drive where the same storage capacity is priced at 9.99 USD per month.

Microsoft Word for Mac
Differences between Word for Windows and MS Word for Mac

Although MS Word for Mac is almost the same in comparison to its Windows version, the two also have certain distinctions, which may come up as roadblocks. The most common obstacles include integration with VB scripting and SharePoint. Although MS Word for Mac version offers some kind of support for Visual Basic, as well as, SharePoint, all features are not supported by the application software.

Even ActiveX is not supported by MS Word for Mac platform. Incidentally, ActiveX is used to share components and is a technology for Windows only. Microsoft is gradually chopping off ActiveX, and yet there could be issues when the user is unable to work with it while using Word for Mac when that feature is required.

Microsoft Access is included in Office for Windows, and it is an RDBMS or a relational database management system. However, it is unavailable for Mac. Hence, the data that you stored in an Access database won’t be there when any data access feature like mail merge is used. Plus, it is also unfortunate that MS Word for Mac does not offer support for Farsi or Arabic, which are right-to-left languages.


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