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Hannah Montana No More: This is the Miley Cyrus Story

by Roni G.

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Everything you need to know about Miley Cyrus

It is safe to say that most people of this generation have heard the name, Miley Cyrus, at least once in their lifetime. This popularity is not something that came about overnight; she has been enthralling fans for over a decade. How did she get here? In which direction is her career headed? Lets’ explore.

Miley Cyrus Family Background
Miley Cyrus was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee in the USA, and her career began way back in her childhood when she starred in the movies Doc and Big Fish as a child artist.

Big Break
It was on March 26th, 2006 that she got her big break through the chance to act as Miley Stewart in the show ‘Hannah Montana’ on the ‘Disney Channel’ that went on air for four seasons until 2011. This was what propelled her to stardom; making her the teen idol that she is today.

Miley Cyrus
First Number One Album
In the show, she plays a pop-singer who is super successful, and she showed similarities to her on-screen avatar when the album containing all the songs of the first season of the show raced to the top of the Billboard Hot 200 Charts on its release after the first season.

Trail of success in singing
Subsequently, June 26, 2007, saw the release of all the songs from Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. Notably, while half of the album contained songs from the hit show, the other half was from her debut album that was produced by Hollywood Records. This found a place at the top of the charts too, and needless to say in the hearts of the people too. She followed this up with ‘Breakout, which was her second album containing the song "7 Things” that can be considered every youth’s breakup song.


Miley Cyrus Film Career
Her being a well-recognized singing sensation laid a solid foundation for her future career.  Following this, she landed a role in Bolt, which was her first full-length feature film role as a voice actress. She has gone on to act and perform in several other movies as well.

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana; The movie
Bolstered by the success of her career so far, she was roped in to play her iconic series character on the large screen as well in the film ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie.’ On February - April 2009, the solo song "The Climb" was released as a promotional single for the movie that went on to be a commercial success.

The party is on!
On the heels of such roaring successes, Miley’s song "Party in the USA" was released in August 2009 as a promotion for her line of clothing. She then went to give a stellar performance of the same at the Teen Choice Awards. A slew of hit songs like Wrecking Ball and The Last Song cemented her position among the top. She has even gone to become one of the most searched stars on the internet with several more hit songs and numerous international tours such as the Bangerz Tour. In addition to this, she has also hosted the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live along with being a coach on the show The Voice.

Miley Cyrus Awards
She is a much-feted personality; she has won the “Artist of the Year" from MTV in 2013 and has been featured in the Time 100 list in 2008 and 2014, which makes her one of the greatest achievers we see today in the world of music who have left a mark.

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