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Best Health Insurance Companies in Minnesota

by Robert K.

Health Insurance Minnesota, Minnesota Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Minnesota

Are you searching for that perfect health insurance plan? Well, if you are a resident of Minnesota, you will be spoilt for choice as the state offers quality health care at an affordable rate. If you are self-employed and your company does not offer a health plan or if it does not cover your spouse or dependents, its high time you start investing in a good health insurance plan. This article will help you to choose from multiple health plans that would suit best for you and your family.

According to the health insurance ratings carried by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), five insurance plans in Minnesota earned a 4.5 rating out of 5 which is an impressive score. Survey has revealed that most of the people of Minnesota opt for employer-provided health insurance (55 %) followed by Medicare (15 %) and Medicaid (14 %). Health insurance plans in Minnesota can be categorized into three tiers namely bronze, silver and gold. There is an additional catastrophic plan with minimum coverage and is designed for people who are below 30.

Health Insurance Minnesota

The state law of Minnesota has made it mandatory for health insurance companies to provide at least some coverage in areas such as home health services, emergency services, anesthetics, pregnancy and maternity services. 

The best health insurance companies in Minnesota include Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota, Group Health Plan, Medica, UCare, and MinnesotaCare.

Government assisted health plans to include Medicare and Medicaid, and a lot of people in Minnesota prefer the health insurance policies offered by the same. They are the two government-funded health care programs that offer coverage to two different groups of residents in America. While Medicare offers health insurance plans to senior citizens, Medicaid does the same to low-income family groups.

Group Health Plan

Group Health Plan founded in 1957 has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 by the NCQA and currently offers health plans to individuals, group markets and Medicare markets as well. With a strong and highly efficient team of 26,000 people, this organization strives to seek excellence in the field of health care and is, therefore, one of the most opted health insurance companies in Minnesota.

Minnesota Health Insurance
They have a network of over 950,000 doctors, and they offer health insurance plans to employers, individuals, and family members. If you are seeking s health plan for covering your family, Peak plans would be the perfect choice for you if you happen to reside in the St Cloud area or the Twin Cities Metro Area. The Peak plan includes various perks like access to an online clinic which works 24/7, complete preventive care, discounts on eyeglasses and gym membership.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota

Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota have worked for 85 years to earn their reputation in the field of health care by providing cost-effective health care plans without compromising on quality.  Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota has a lot of health plans to offer like Blue Advantage Families and Children, MinnesotaCare, Minnesota Senior Care Plus and Minnesota Senior Health Options.

These plans cater to different age groups and income groups. For example, the Blue Advantage Families and Children are for children, pregnant women and people with disabilities who qualify for Medicaid while MinnesotaCare is for people who need financial assistance in health care but don’t qualify for Medicaid.


UCare is a reputed non-profit health insurance company that provides health plan options to Minnesotans. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 by the NCQA and has the mission of improving the health care of its members through unique services. UCare offers a plethora of plans like individual and family plans; Medicare plans and Minnesota Health Care Programs thus catering to people from all age and income groups.


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