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Minnesota Employment Law Explained in Full

by Kelly B.

Minnesota Employment Law, Minnesota Employment Laws
Minnesota Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in Minnesota?

The state employment laws in Minnesota work beside federal labor laws to provide employers and employees with a wide range of protection. Minnesota as a state has employment laws that cover the minimum wage, overtime pay, legal holidays, whistleblower rights, and some of the hours' certain employees may be required to work. For example, under Minnesota's overtime law, most employees must be paid one and a half times their standard rate for any hours worked beyond a 48-hour work week.

Equal Pay
The Equal Pay for Equal Work Law in Minnesota prohibits any employer from discriminating between employees on the basis of a person’s gender by paying an unequal amount of wages for equal work on jobs that do require equal skill, effort, and responsibility and that are performed under similar working conditions.
Minimum Wage
The minimum wage in Minnesota varies according to the kind of work that you do.
The minimum wage for an employer who earns more than $500,000, is $9.50 per hour
The minimum wage for an employer who receives less than $500,00, is $7.75 per hour.

Access to Personnel Files
It is mandatory for an employer in Minnesota who has 20 to provide his/her employees with access to their personnel records when they send in a written request. Current employees have the right to review their personnel records once every six months, while former employees are allowed to discuss or obtain a free copy of their personnel file once a year.

Minnesota Employment Law

Overtime pay

Employers in Minnesota are required to pay their employees overtime at a rate of 1.5 times their regular price when they work more than 40 hours in a single workweek according to the federal Labor Standards Act, except for a few exemptions. The employees who are exempt from overtime wages in Minnesota are employees in administrative, professional, and executive fields who are meeting the state and federal guidelines.
Ban the Box
In the state of Minnesota, the employment laws prohibit private employers from asking prospective employees about their criminal histories on a job application.

Drug Testing
In Minnesota, the Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace Act restricts pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. The DATWA requires an employer to implement a drug and alcohol testing policy before trial, and it could include specific information, such as the subject's personal information before testing, the right to refuse to be tested and the consequences of refusing to be tested.

Minnesota Employment Laws

At-Will Employment in Minnesota
According to this concept, employers in Minnesota are free to terminate employees at any time, and for any reason, as long as by doing so they aren’t infringing upon one’s given rights. At-will employees are also free to quit a job at any time and for literally any reason, in Minnesota
Meals and Breaks
The Minnesota employment laws state that an employer is required to provide employees with break time and enough time to eat lunch. The mealtime obligation is for employees who work consecutively for 8 hours or more hours. If an employee has a break for 20 minutes, the employer is liable to pay the employee.

Wrongful Termination in Minnesota
According to the At-will employment act, the employers in Minnesota are free to fire their employees at any time and for literally any reason, but some exceptions do apply. Employers are prohibited from firing an employee based on discriminatory reasons like gender, color, religious affiliation, pregnancy status, etc. or because the employee has non-compliance to lie or engage in any criminal activity on behalf of the employer.

Employees who are working under a contract, whether oral or written, cannot be fired wrongfully, under the state law.

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