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Minnesota Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Peggy B.

Register to Vote Minnesota, Minnesota Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Minnesota?

Voting is an essential part of your constitutional right. Your right to vote gives you the chance to have a say in the politics that affect your everyday life.

Who can all vote in Minnesota?

You must meet specific requirements to vote in the State of Minnesota. To be an eligible voter, you must be:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • An adult, that is, at least eighteen years of age on the day the election takes place
  • Have been residing in Minnesota for at least twenty days before the election
  • Having a felony record does not affect your voting rights in Minnesota unless you are serving a sentence at the time

What if I am seventeen and want to pre-register to vote?

If you want to pre-register to vote, then you must be eighteen at the time the next election takes place. While Minnesota makes provisions for pre-registering, that does not count for special elections that may take place before the scheduled Election Day. The state allows for sudden special elections if they are required. In such cases, your application will be sent back to you, and you will not be eligible to vote on the occasion of that special election unless you are eighteen at the time.

Register to Vote Minnesota

What are the different methods through which you can register to vote?

There are three methods you can use to register to vote in Minnesota. Depending on your convenience, you can use any of the following procedures to register to vote on Election Day:

1. Register on Paper: If you would like to submit a paper application, then you can download an app to register for the elections from the State of Minnesota's official website. You can download the applications in a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and others. You can also ask for an application form in a language not listed on the website. After you are done filling up your application, you have to mail it to your local county office or an address to the Secretary of the State, as directed on the website.
2. Register Online: You must possess an email address to register to vote online. For people who do not have an email address, a paper application is a good alternative. In addition to your email address, you also need valid proof of identity. These could include your Minnesota driver's license or the number of your Minnesota id card. If you do not have either of these proofs of identity, you can instead use the last four numbers of your Social Security Number. In case you do not possess a Social Security Number either, you will need to use a paper application to register to vote.

Minnesota Register to Vote

3. Register on Election Day: You also have the option of registering in the polling booth on the Election Day. To register you need to bring a proof of residence that has your name and address, like a Minnesota Drivers License, a Learners License or Tribal ID. You could also bring a photo ID and a document with your current address and name. The kind of photo IDs that can be approved, whether they are expired or not, include a US Passport, Minnesota High School ID or a Minnesota University ID, or a Minnesota Veteran's ID among others as listed on the website. For the document, you can you a bill, such as a phone or TV bill, tenancy agreement valid through Election Day or if you are a student, a current fee statement.

You can also bring a registered voter who can vouch for you and your address, college identification with the college housing list, if you have shifted within the same precinct, you can tell the election judge your previous address to register. You can also use a Notice of Late Registration, should you have received one, to register on the day. Finally, if you live in a residential facility, you could ask a staff member to accompany you to help you register to vote.

Use any of these ways to register and cast your vote on Minnesota Election Day.


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