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Missouri Employment Law Explained in Full

by Roni G.

Missouri Employment Law, Missouri Employment Laws
Missouri Employment Laws: What are the employment laws in Missouri?

In Missouri, both state labor laws and federal employment laws administer and regulate the employer-employee relationship in multiple ways. Federal laws are designed to set the standards for employee rights, but individual states like Missouri offer their employee protection laws. Federal regulations are set at a base-level for employee rights, and many states provide additional worker protections. Missouri employment laws include whistleblowers protections for public employees, that protect workers who report unsafe or illegal activity from retaliation, and "right to work" laws that prohibit union membership as a condition of employment.

Equal pay in Missouri
According to Missouri's equal pay law, an employer is prohibited from having payment variations based on gender, in the same workforce for the same quantity and quality of the same classification of work. Unless the disparity in the rate of remuneration is based on seniority, length of service, ability, skill, the difference in duties performed or shift or hours work, lifting restrictions or factors other than sex.

Wage laws in Missouri
The state of Missouri has a current minimum wage of $7.70, which is higher than the federal minimum wage which is $7.25. Missouri residents and local employees are entitled to at least the state's minimum wage rate. In positions where an employee earns tips, however, an employer can pay an hourly wage that is lower than the minimum so long as the employee's salary adds up to the state's minimum wage when tips are included. Missouri businesses may pay tipped workers $3.83 per hour.

Missouri Employment Law

Overtime pay in Missouri
In Missouri, the employees are entitled to an overtime pay rate that is one and a half times the employee's regular rate. The overtime pay rate is calculated this way when an employee works for more than 40 hours in a workweek. The state’s labor laws require employers to pay employees overtime unless they are otherwise exempt.
Whistleblower Protection in Missouri
The Whistleblower's Protection Act in Missouri prohibits an employer who has six or more employees from firing an employee because he or she has:
- Reported an illegal act by the employer to a governmental or law enforcement agency, or an HR representative;
- Communicated to the employer about serious misconduct by the employer that violates a clear mandate or public policy; or
- Refusal to carry out an action directed by the employer that, if completed, would be a violation of the law.

Pay Frequency in Missouri
In Missouri, nonexempt employees are generally supposed to be paid at least on a semimonthly basis. Exempt employees may be paid monthly. Additionally, an employer in Missouri must pay their employees on or before the 15th day of each month with the full amount of all wages earned before the first day of that month. If payments are not paid on time, the employer must also pay interest of six percent on the amounts due.

Missouri Employment Laws

Pay Statements in Missouri
An employer in Missouri employer is obligated to provide employees with a written statement that displays the total amount of wage deductions made for that period at least once a month.

Discrimination and harassment at work
According to Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, employers in Missouri are prohibited from making job decisions that are biased and based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. There are federal laws that also prohibit discrimination based on age.

Weapons in the Workplace
The laws in Missouri allows an employer to prohibit employees from holding a concealed carry permit and carrying concealed firearms on the employer's property and in vehicles owned by the employer. If the office building or the premises are open to the public, the employer is obligated to display signs around the premises if carrying a concealed firearm in the workspace is prohibited.


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