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Monster Legends Tips and Tricks

by Eddie V.

Monster Legends, Monster Legends Tips and Tricks

Monster Legends Tips and Tricks

If you play Monster Legends, you already know how addictive the multiplayer role-playing game is. If you haven’t tried the game yet, this weekend might be the best time to get started.  The game is available on iOS and Android and you can either download the free version of the game or pay a certain amount to unlock premium features and buy powerful monsters.

As a Monster Master, you have to raise an army of monsters and train them to fight against opponents hand-picked and controlled by computer and other users. The goal of the game is to breed, feed, and train these legendary and epic monsters, to build your fighting force and lead it into arena battles. Players choose different sets of skills and boost their strategy in action-packed fights while building a world for their monsters to live in. The game allows participants to earn free gems by earning achievements, completing daily goals, completing daily missions, and completing various other in-game tasks. These gems can then be used to buy new monsters, new habitats, or new skills. 

To help boost your gaming experience, we in this post, provide a few tips to become a true Monster Master. Take a look.

1. Work on your monsters’ special skills: Every monster in Monster Legends has a special skill. To view the special powers and skills of your monsters, all you need to do is visit their profile page where you will get strategic information including the effect of these skills in battle. Before challenging an opponent, understand how these powers work. Come up with defense and attack strategies that center around using the special abilities of each monster. Mastering these skills can prove to be the difference between winning and losing fights.

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2. Learn how to breed legend monsters: Your bestiary determines how far you go. Powerful monsters hold the key to cracking different levels. To lay your hands on legendary monsters, you need to master the art of breeding. A legendary monster is obtained by breeding two low-level monsters. Though many times the outcome of breeding two monsters can be quite different from your expectations, don’t give up. Keep on experimenting to find the best combinations.

3. Use your inventory often: When taking on opponents, many players focus heavily on using powers and coming up with defensive and offensive strategies. In the heat of the battle, they forget that they have an inventory, which is a repository of useful items. You can either purchase these items from the shop or collect them, over a period of time. Knowing the purpose of the items in your inventory and leveraging them can provide you a decisive edge over your opponents in a fight.

4. Feed your monsters as much as possible: The secret to breeding a powerful monster is feeding them more food. There are many ways to earn food. You can, for instance, steal it from your opponents or buy it using your bonuses. Defeating system-controlled monsters can also help achieve this objective. These methods, however, will not help you obtain enough food required to transform your monsters into powerful beasts. To ensure you monsters do not starve, purchase farms where you can grow your own crops.

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5. Be patient: If you believe in the proverb good things come to those who wait, Monster Legends can be the game for you. Activities such as breeding beasts or constructing a building will take time. Though you can use your gems to speed up things, we suggest that you preserve them for later stages when items get more expensive.

6. Focus on building wealth: You must come up with a strategy to earn golds and gems that unlock benefits. You can earn coins and gold by defeating opponent monsters or obtaining loot from your monsters in their habitat. You can also invite your friends and relatives to play the game. Once you recruit a player, you receive gold, gems, and free food as compensation. Furthermore, sharing updates regarding your progress on Facebook will unlock benefits. Here are other ways you can get your hands on a few free gems here and there: level up by earning experience, fight bosses on the adventure map or fight in the monster arena, clear meteorites on your island for a chance to find a gem, or watch ads and complete tasks in the Monsterwood once it unlocks.

7. Keep your island clutter-free: Just like cleaning your room regularly can be your ticket to scoring brownie points with your parents, cleaning your island in Monster Legends can result in a number of benefits. Use your workers to trim and clear bushes and trees and remove impediments such as rocks. For every cleaning task that you perform, you earn a specific number of points.

Participate in events: You can earn free gaming resources by participating in events online, so keep your eyes on the events and participate in every event to earn free gems. Such events can be found online in all the Monster Legends communities so stay tuned.


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