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How to Run a Free Background Check on Myself

by Ciara C.

Background Check on Myself, My Background Check

How to Run a Background Check on Yourself!

Businesses, organizations, people you interact with and other organization can learn quiet a lot about you when they run a background check searching for you. All they need to know is your first, last name and state you live in. In most cases, they might not even need to know the state you live. Background check services have become so advanced, they can pinpoint you rather quickly and reveal every piece of information there is to know about you. Public records aggregate information and records about anyone in the United States at any given moment. These algorithms do not stop and they keep on collecting information. Public records information comes from applications and websites you sign up to, terms and conditions you sign, driving citation you may have received, court appearances and court records that may have been related to you. Even your marriage records are public records. Anything that involves the public, or anything you had given consent to share is considered public records. Those photos you love to share on Facebook and Instagram, those are public records too. You didn’t know that? Your email records are public records and your cell phone number, is considered public records as well. All of that information and more is compiled into extensive report and is called your background check.

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Arrest Records:

Arrest records are called documented information related to a person’s criminal history. These records are collected by multiple sources. Arrest records can be your detention and local arrest during a bar fight or something more serious such a criminal offense or felony. Arrest records are by all means considered public records.

Court Records:

If you are not sure wether or not you have a criminal background record, you might want to run a background check on yourself. Court records contain more records then you can possibly imagine. Court records include: Federal, State and County records. If you ever had any encounter with the law, chances are there are records about that event or instance.

Driving Records:

Driving records vary from state to state as to what can be shown on your background check. For the most part, driving records are public records and are a part of your background check. Your driving records are held by the DMV and any instance related to your driving record such as fines, parking tickets, speeding tickets or anything else; would be registered to your driver license and profile with the DMV.

Social Media:

Depending on where you get your background check, most background check website now show your social activities and images. When you sign up for social media and agree to the terms and conditions, you agree for those website or applications to sell your information to third parties. These third parties sell your data and that information finds its way to your background check report.

Education Information:

Employer background check, which is in most cases a more extensive background check report, would include your education. Note that a public background check report might and might not contain your education report. Advanced background checks however, should and would contain your education.

You can run a background check on yourself with GoLookUp and see what your background check report might reveal!

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In order to run a background check on yourself, simply go to and enter your first, and last name, including your state. GoLookUp will then begin search for any information and return the most accurate results related to you. GoLookUp background check will include: Arrest records, court records, driving records, marriage records, driving records, felonies, misdemeanors, work related information, images, social media information, phone numbers, current addresses, past addresses, unclaimed money information, and other information that may be related to you!


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