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16 Craziest Laws in New York

by Garry S.

Craziest Laws in New York, Craziest New York Laws

New York Crazy Laws

Ahhhh, the Big Apple… songs have been written about it, plays have depicted life what is nicknamed 'the greatest city in the world, and it has become a hub of culture, satisfying cravings, and enjoying culinary delights. That's New York for you – it has something for everyone! One other thing that this unique state, with its iconic New York City, is some pretty strange legislation. Over the years, several strange laws have been legislated in New York, and now you can read about the weirdest ones!

You can go topless in New York

But only if you are a woman. And only if the toplessness is not used for business.

The following greeting is against the law in New York

When you meet someone in New York, you cannot greet them by "putting one's thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers"

It is illegal to sell dog or cat hair

We're not quite sure what pet hair can be used for… perhaps a fancy wig? In either case, it is strictly illegal to sell dog and car hair in New York.

Craziest Laws in New York
Every business must have functioning spittoons

And the spittoons must be cleaned every 24 hours: " § 378-5 D. Every corporation, proprietor or other person owning, operating or controlling any store, factory, theater or other building or room which is used in common by the public or any depot or railroad station shall provide a sufficient number of nonabsorbent receptacles for expectoration and shall provide for the thorough cleansing and disinfection thereof at least once in twenty-four (24) hours."

Flirting is against the law

Well, this one is not quite enforced in New York, but still – there is a law that prohibits flirting. Those who break it face a fine of $25.

You cannot throw a ball at someone's face for fun

This one actually has some pretty good logic behind it; the "no balls to the face for the hell of it" law was legislated to prevent carnival workers from getting abused by their bosses. We definitely can get behind this weird New York law.

It is illegal to eat in residential neighborhoods' streets

So you better pick another spot to eat at when you are in Ocean City, New York.

Craziest New York Laws

You cannot shine shoes after 1:00 pm on Sundays

This one is unique to the city of Buffalo: § 98-8. Sunday hours. No person shall conduct a bootblack stand or engage in work as a bootblack within the city, for hire or gain, or permit or require any of his employees to engage in such work after 1:00 p.m. on any Sunday afternoon. This section, however, shall not apply to persons engaged in or employed by the management of bona fide hotels."

It is illegal to take selfies with tigers

This one is a relatively new law, legislated because of…Tinder! It seems that posing for selfies with tigers and big cats was pretty trendy in the dating app, leading to the legislation of the no tiger selfie law in 2014.

It is illegal to shoot a rabbit from a moving trolley car

Yes, when in New York City, you cannot shoot these fluffy creatures from a moving trolley car.

Mismatched clothing is prohibited

The city of Carmel really cares about fashion and style; men cannot go outside if they are wearing mismatched pants and a jacket.

Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs

In Brooklyn, donkeys need to find another place to sleep. The bathtub is off-limits!

Crazy Laws
Steam-powered railroads have a 6 miles per hour limit

352-1. "Speed at public street crossings. It shall not be lawful for any steam railroad to propel any engine or cars across any public street at grade in the City of Buffalo at a greater rate of speed than six (6) miles per hour."

It is against the law to have puppet shows in your window

This crazy New York law only exists in New York City. Those who break it may be thrown in jail for 30 days!

You cannot wear masks with other people in public

In Coney Island, two or more people cannot congregate in public while wearing masks. Hopefully, there's an exception for Halloween.

You cannot get naked in a wagon

38-5. Bathing. "It shall not be lawful for any person or persons to bathe in any of the waters within the corporate bounds of the village unless attired by a suitable bathing suit or covering, or to disrobe in any of the streets or public places or in any automobile or wagon in said streets or public places in said village."

Well, what did you think about New York's craziest laws? Do you think the laws where you come from can top it? If you want to read about more of the craziest laws in the United States, go to GoLookUp.


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