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North Dakota Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Eddie V.

Register to Vote North Dakota, North Dakota Register to Vote

How to Register Vote in North Dakota

In the United States of America, elections are held at the federal, state and local levels for choosing government officials. While the parameters for the election of federal officials are laid down by the United States Constitution, the state law regulates the rules and processes of the votes in the U.S., which includes the eligibility of voters and the running of state and local elections. Each state in the U.S.A. administers all the federal, state, and local elections.

As an American citizen, one must exert his or her right to vote. Here you will get all the information you would need to register yourself for voting in North Dakota. It is an interesting fact to note that North Dakota is the only state in the United States of America that does not require voter registration.

Register to Vote North Dakota

Eligibility to vote in North Dakota

A person must fulfill the following conditions to register to vote in North Dakota.

  • The person must be a citizen of the United States
  • The person should have been a resident of North Dakota for at least 30 days.
  • The person should be 18 years of age.
  • The person should not be on parole for a felony conviction or be serving a jail sentence.
  • The person should be mentally stable and should not be declared mentally incompetent by a court.
  • The person should not claim the right to vote somewhere else outside North Dakota.
  • Except in the case of registering for a vote for absentee or through mail voting, in North Dakota, there are no requirements for ID necessary to express. This is because North Dakota does not have the system of voters registration before election day. However, one must bring ID to cast one’s vote. Identification which is generally accepted includes name, current residential address of North Dakota, and the voter’s date of birth.

Absentee ballot in North Dakota

In North Dakota, it is possible to cast an absentee ballot. All eligible residents of North Dakota can request to cast their votes before the day of an election. The online application form for obtaining the absentee ballot is available on the website You can request for the absentee ballot in person at the auditor’s office in your local county.  Acceptable form of identification required at the polling booth include:

  • a valid North Dakota driving license
  • a valid non-driver’s identity card
  • A tribal government issued ID
  • Identification certificate of long term care rendered by a North Dakota facility.
North Dakota Register to Vote

Supplemental documentation in North Dakota

An individual may have identification, but it does not include the North Dakota residential address or the person's date of birth. Or it may happen that the ID does not bear the current North Dakota residential address. In such cases, the individual can supplement the identification with a current bank statement, current utility bill, a document or cheque issued by the state, local, tribal or federal government (this may include the ones published by BIA for a tribe located in North Dakota) or a paycheck.

Set aside ballot option 

In North Dakota, there is an option for setting aside ballot. This includes circumstances in which an individual who may not be able to show a valid form of identification but rightfully asserts the qualifications as an eligible voter. If such a case arises, the individual marks a ballot that is securely set aside. However, the individual should provide valid identification to the election official before the meeting of the canvassing board happens. If the person offers the valid ID, then his or her set aside ballot is presented to the canvassing board for its inclusion in the voting tally.


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