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North Carolina Child Custody Laws

by Dixil T.

North Carolina Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws North Carolina

What are the North Carolina Child Custody Laws?

In North Carolina, the court concerning the issues of North Caroline Child Custody Laws prefers that parents will make a decision for the agreement of child custody their own outside the courtroom. It is true that the less number of agreements for child custody in North Carolina is made within the courtroom. The parents involved with a dispute of child custody may be forced to make an agreement with the cooperation of their own considering a suitable and healthy environment according to their child’s requirement.

Classification of Child Custody in North Carolina

According to the North Carolina Child Custody Laws, the classification of child custody is as follows.
  • Legal Custody for the child: When on parent achieves the right to make significant decisions concerning the child’s education, medical care, moral, emotional and religious development, it is considered legal custody according to the Child Custody Laws in North Carolina.
  • Physical Custody of child: Presently, less number of people likes to have joint physical custody. At present, the right of physical custody of a child is considered to one parent and another parent achieves the right for visitation. It is advantageous for the school schedule of the child and resists unnecessary disruption within the child’s life.
North Carolina Child Custody Laws
  • Joint Custody as well as Sole Custody: Sometimes, parents are going through a divorce and if they are allowed to have joint custody considering the Child Custody Law. In the case of joint custody, parents share parental responsibilities for the child.
  • In case of joint custody, the court awards one parent primary custody which represents that the child will spend most of the time at the home of the primary custodial parent. In North Carolina, the secondary custody can be termed as the visitation rights for another parent. When the court awards sole custody involved physical as well as legal custody to one parent, he or she is allowed to make decisions concerning the best interest of the child.

How a Child Custody Arrangement Is Determined Considering Child Custody Laws?

In North Carolina, the court decides the child custody arrangements concerning the best interest of the child on the basis of Child Custody Laws. It is also considered significant factors related to the child custody issues and these factors are as follows.

  • The complete safety of the child.
  • Presence of domestic violence in the past.
  • Standard of living arrangement for the child presently.
  • How each parent maintains a relationship with the child.
  • The financial condition of each parent for taking care of the child.
  • The ability of each parent to arrange a stable home for the child.
Child Custody Laws North Carolina

In North Carolina, a grandparent can achieve the visitation right which is also represented as the visitation rights of the third party. The procedure to achieve the visitation rights by the non-parent is similar to the procedure to achieve visitation right by the parent. According to this right, the grandparent can meet the child and spend time with the child considering the best interest of the child.

The cases with the issues of child custody are very sensitive and it is difficult to overcome the emotional effect of the case. If you have any issue of child custody, you will have to meet an experienced family lawyer to get steady guideline and the right solution for a custody case. An efficient family lawyer will help you to establish that you have a suitable living arrangement and home environment for receiving child custody. He or She will help you to achieve the sole custody which will allow you to make significant decisions such as education, medical care, emotional and religious development.


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