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City of Oakland Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information, and More

by Alvin V.

Oakland Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More, City of Oakland Police Department

Oakland Police Department Information

The City of Oakland Police Department, located in Oakland, California, has a commitment towards reducing crime and increasing the safety of its citizen’s through a manner which is fair, impartial, honest and qualitative. The Police Department of Oakland believes that maintaining proper law enforcement channels cannot be possible without the ardent participation of the citizens of Oakland, and thus, the residents of the city are a huge factor in keeping crime rates low, improving the quality of life for everyone, and being respectful towards life and property.

Oakland Police Department Programs and Services

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

The CPTED Program is based on the theory that with proper use of the environment around us, the police can enable a fear of crime, as well as increase the quality of life of the people in general. This program works on the theory that a criminal will always be aware that someone is watching them, and will thus deter themselves from committing crimes. This is possible through the use of CCTV cameras, vigilante neighbors, and an increase in police volunteers.

Oakland Police Departments

Police Explorers

The Oakland Police Explorers Program is designed for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14- 21, and who are interested in having a career in law enforcement. This program is designed to help children understand their abilities and their strengths, and refine them further in order to become law enforcement officers of tomorrow. Explorers will get trained about various aspects of being a police officer, including leadership, development of character, life skills, and exploration of careers.

OK (Our Kids) Program

The OK Program is aimed at reducing the high rates of incarceration and homicide among the teenagers of the African- American community. The mission of the OK Program is to provide services and counseling to children in the community who have been subject to violence in their home or neighborhoods, with a view to help them out of it and return to society and mentally well, healthy adults at the age of 18. This program is a partnership between various police agencies, community members, educational institutions, students, the faith community, and local businesses.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is widespread all throughout the United States of America. It is aimed especially to those neighborhoods which have a high rate of crime or illegal activities. Groups of people from the community patrol and keep watch over the neighborhood every night, keeping a strict eye out for any signs of illegal activities. If they do find something untoward or out of the ordinary taking place, the community contacts their Beat Patrol Officer immediately.

Oakland Police Departments

Volunteers in Policing (VIP)

The VIP program is an initiative to increase the participation of the community within the police force, by letting the community at large help the police during special events, parades, traffic stops, drunk driving checkpoints, natural disasters or any other occasion where the police may require additional help. The volunteers under the VIPS program also work in various civilian positions within the Police Department of Oakland. This is an efficient way of bridging the gaps between the citizens and the police, and also provides a taste of what working in the police department is actually like for the hundreds of sworn officers and civilian employees working in the police department every day.

Oakland Police Department Address

455 7th Street, Oakland 94607, California.

Oakland Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non-emergency related issue, contact the Oakland Police at (510) 238- 3481.

Oakland Police Department Website

Oakland Police Department Email


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