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Best Health Insurance Companies in Oregon

by Toni S.

Health Insurance Oregon, Oregon Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Oregon

For the people of Oregon who are looking for health insurance options, here is good news. There are plenty of plans, which are affordable too, that you can choose from to help you cater to all your health needs.

Before choosing a plan make sure, you have a clear idea of your health goals. Also, take into account your personal and family health history. With a little bit of caution and planning, you can easily get a great health plan that will help you evade potential health disaster.

Here is a list to choose from. All the insurance providers in the list have a very high rating by the NCQA or National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest -Their plans are acknowledged to be one of the best health care plans. They let you customize a plan in consultation with your health care provider to have the best plan that is unique to you. Be it a family or individual coverage; you can choose the benefits you want. You also can get insurance if you are a business owner or are self-employed. Retiree and part-time employees also have a variety of health plans to choose from.

Health Insurance Oregon

BridgeSpan – They ventured into the health industry not many years ago. But what has gathered them so many loyal supporters are the fact that their policies are meant for just about anybody and everybody. They have the policy to suit your ‘life and budget'. From an expert panel of doctors to choose from, they offer a comprehensive policy to cover all the needs that may arise. They offer much more than basic medical coverage. To check the benefits they offer, one can log into their website o now more and in details.


Providence Health Plan Oregon – They are the best local health care providers that the people of Oregon need. You can get either an individual or family plan as you may need. You also get to choose from a list of registered health care providers who work tirelessly in Oregon to provide you quality health care. Keeping that all individual and family’s needs are not same, they customize the policy you choose to give you the best benefits out of your plan.

Regence – They are a very popular health care provider in the region of Oregon as well as other neighboring areas. They have a team of specialists who can take care of your health in the best possible way. This company offers most holistic plans to look after your health concern. From preventive to palliative, the policies are many. They provide general insurance plans as well. To get the plan that is best for you, get in touch with them and make a good decision about your future.

Oregon Health Insurance

Atrio Health Plans – Being founded by an expert group of physicians in Oregon, this insurance provider has all your health needs covered. Ever since its establishment in 2004, it has witnessed a significant number of loyal customers. From elderly patient care to newborn benefits, they offer great choices. You can easily get your required medication from a pharmacy registered under them or choose a physician from their vast network of health care providers.

PacificSource Health Plans – They not only provide health plans to individuals but also to businesses who can ensure their employees under group plans. You can get health and dental benefits. They have a network of great physicians to choose from. Their fast processing of claims makes them a popular choice.

There is no use being worried, let your health needs be the concern of your trusted health insurance provider.


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