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Orlando Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Dixil T.

Orlando Police Departments, City of Orlando Police Department

Orlando Police Departments Information

The Orlando Police Departments is the law enforcement agency in the City of Orlando, which is the county seat of Orange County, in the State of Florida.

About the Department

The City of Orlando Police Department has its jurisdiction spread over an area of 272.51 square miles. The department handles law order in Orlando that has a population of 285,713. Orlando is the largest inland city in the city of Orlando.

The Chief of Police is the head of the Orlando Police Department. Chief Orlando Rolan is the current Chief of city police. The police department works under the city council. There are 700 sworn officers who work in the department. They are helped by 100 civilian staff.

The Orlando Police Department Address of the Headquarters  is:

Orlando Police Department Headquarters,

1250 West South Street,

Orlando Florida 32805.

Orlando Police department

911 is the number to be dialed by citizens if they face an emergency situation. In the case of non-emergencies, they can call the department on (321) 235 5300.

The Orlando Police Department Email address of the Chief is The email of the public information officer is

The Orlando Police Department’s website is


The Chief of police is the head of police in the City of Orlando. The Chief’s Office has a Staff Director and a Criminal Justice section that has legal advisors and also has the city prosecutor. The Chief is assisted in his work by Deputy Chiefs who head the bureaus within the department.

The department has four bureaus, they are:

  • Administrative Services Bureau: The Bureau provides support to the other bureaus in the department. It has the following divisions and sections:

o Support services division that has sections like Records, Property, Evidence, Quartermaster, Criminal Intake, and Witness Management.

o Communication division handles calls and dispatches operations.

o Professional Standards Division has the following sections – Internal affairs, Training, Recruiting, Accreditation, Inspection, Fiscal Management, and Strategic planning.

Orlando police

  • Investigative Services Bureau: All investigations within the city are handled by the bureau. It has the following divisions:

o Criminal Investigation Division that has the following sections – Violent Crimes, Crime Center, Forensics, and Property.

o Special Enforcement Division handles drugs, narcotics, and prostitution-related offenses.

  • Patrol Services Bureau: The bureau manages patrol operations in the city. There are East, West and North patrol divisions in the city.
  • Special Service Bureau: It includes the following divisions

o International airport division that has airport patrol squads and investigation units.

o Community Relations division that manages community activities.

o Special operations divisions that have K9, Aviation tactical, and Traffic enforcement.

Tools and Technology

The Orlando police use many tools and technologies as a part of its 21st century policing initiative. This includes:

Community Engagement

Community engagement involves engaging with the public to improve the effectiveness of police operations, reduce crime, and also prevent crime. The activities the police carries out as a part of community engagement are:

  • Neighborhood watch program is where neighborhood safety is ensured in collaboration with the police.
  • The volunteer program is where the department recruits volunteers to work with the department. They can earn college credit for this.
  • Citizen Observer program is where citizens are recruited as volunteers and report suspicious activity and help police in patrolling.
  • Police Explorer: This is a program that allows youngsters to understand about a career in law enforcement. It is open for those in the age group 14 to 20.


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