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Meeting new people is often a fun experience, and they can become a vital part of our lives. In this day and age, it is also easy meeting new people thanks to the internet, social media outlets, and the ease in which we can communicate with one another. The relationships we create can be for business, for friendship and also for love, but they can carry certain risks.

Whenever we meet a new person, we cannot be certain they are being honest with us about their past and also their preset. Different people lie for different reasons, and we are responsible for protecting ourselves from those who may hurt us.

Some people lie to exploit others, others do so to con people out of money, and certain people want to hurt others. So, to protect yourself from getting hurt by people you do not know very well and from those who may hurt you is to perform a people search that can provide you with accurate information about others. With the best people search service, you can discover if someone is lying to you, and avoid getting hurt.

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What Features are Available with People Search Website?

A professional people search website should provide users with several services aside from a people search. The features you should be looking for in the best people search sites is a quick search directory, a customer support service, and additional directories, such as an unclaimed money search, a criminal records search, a reverse phone lookup, and more. Thanks to all these features, you will be able to receive the answers you are searching for quickly and easily without having to perform a people search by yourself.

What are Background Checks?

Background checks are very similar to a people search in the sense that they give you background information about people. These types of checks are based on public records, so they are accurate and reliable. There are two types of background checks that are performed in the US every day, and they are:

Employee background checks – background checks that are performed by employers who want to find out accurate information about job candidates. These are relatively basic background checks that reveal information about the education, previous job experience, and the criminal record of prospective employees.

General background checks – checks that you can perform whenever you need about people you know. A general background check includes data about the name, aliases, address, contact information, marriage records, divorce records, and any other public records information.

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How are Public Records Collected?

Public records are records that are collected by authorities in each state. During a person's lifetime, official state authorities, such as different courts, health departments, police agencies, and others. These authorities gather accurate information about US residents so they will be able to use it later on.

In each state, there are certain personal records that are confidential, and there are records that are available to the general public. By accessing public records, you are essentially performing a background check on people that reveal the accurate data that was collected by official US authorities.
What Type of Information is Available with a People Search Report?

A people search is based on public records that are maintained by official authorities in each state. When you conduct a people search, you can get official information about people you have questions about. When performing such a search, you will get the following details about the people you are searching for:
  • Full name
  • Aliases
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest records
  • Police records
  • Contact information
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Sexual Offenses
The information you find can help you in many situations in life, like with online dating; if you want to meet a certain person you that you met online, performing a people search can reveal if he/she is lying about their marital status, their age, and also if they committed sex crimes. So, conducting a people search is like performing a background check on people you want to know more about.

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How to Access Public Records

You can access public records by yourself, or use a people search engine that will perform the searching for you. To search for public records by yourself, you need to contact all the official authorities that maintain public records in your state of residence. Each state has its methods for maintaining public records, so first of all, you need to find out which authorities maintain which public records. Afterward, you need to request copies of the public records you are searching for and pay for each search according to the rates of the authorities you contacted. Once you pay, you will need to wait to get the copies (waiting time varies in each authority).

An online people search, and public records search is quicker and easier than an independent public records search, and many people choose this service when they want to find accurate information about others. With an online public records directory, you will get full reports about the people in your life in a matter of minutes. Once you enter the name of a certain person of interest, a professional people search will search for public records about a said person. In a matter of minutes, you will get data about people that derives from public records, so you can be certain it is reliable and accurate.

Performing a people search can help you with many situations in life where you have doubts about certain people. To make sure you are safe, you can perform a public records search that will reveal accurate information about the people in your life, and with GoLookUp, you will get the best people search service around.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 16, 2021
Sensitive Information!