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Information about Residents of Florida and Florida as a State:

Florida (meaning "land of flowers" in Spanish) is the state located in the United States' extreme south. Its $1.0 trillion economy makes it the fourth biggest in the US. Florida has a distinct Cuban expatriate community.

Florida Capital

Tallahassee is Florida's capital city. The population, as of 2017, was 191,049, making the metropolis the seventh biggest one in the state. It is the center of Florida State University and Florida A&M University. The city is known as a college town, owing to its 70,000 plus student population.

Florida Governor

Richard Lynn Scott, a Republican, is the present Florida governor, which he holds from 2011. He is the 45th individual to hold the position. He is also Florida's United States Senator-elect.

Florida Population

As per the United States Census Bureau, the population of Florida state as of July 1, 2015, was 20,271,272. It is the seventh quickest growing US state within the 12 months that ended July 1, 2012. About 17 percent of the Florida population was aged above 65 years, with a total of 186,102 military retirees. Approximately two-thirds of the Florida population was born in another state.

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As of 2010, Latinos and Hispanic made up 22.5 percent of the population. As per 2011. Minorities younger than one year of age made up 57 percent of the population in that age bracket. About 6.9 percent of the total population in 2010 regarded themselves to be sole of American ancestry. Many such opinion makers were of Scot-Irish or English descent. Floridians of non-Hispanic white ancestry made up 57.9 percent of its population. The 57.9 percent, when broken up, comprised of Germans (12 percent), Irish (10.7 percent), English (8.8 percent), Italian (6.6 percent), Polish (2.8 percent), and French (2.7 percent).


Latino or Hispanic ancestry, as of 2010, made up 22.5 percent of the state's population. The biggest groups in the percentage were Cuban (6.5 percent), Puerto Rican (4.5 percent), Mexican (3.3 percent) and Colombian (1.6 percent). Floridians of African ancestry made up 16 percent of the total population. About four percent were of Afro-Caribbean American or West Indian origin.

The Miami metropolitan area was the biggest area of its kind. The population comes to about 6.06 million. With a total of about 3.02 million, Tampa Bay area comes second. The Orlando and Jacksonville metropolitan areas with approximately 2.44 million and 1.47 million come third and fourth respectively.

Florida Attorney General

Pam Bondi is the current Attorney General of Florida. She holds the post since January 4, 2011. She is a Republican.

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Florida US Senators

Bill Nelson of the Democratic Party and Marco Rubio of the Republican Party are the two US Senators sent by Florida to the Senate. The House delegation from Florida comprises 15 Republicans and 11 Democrats. One seat is vacant.

Florida Languages

As per the Florida Constitution, English is the official language of the state. The influx of Latin American migrants has led to Spanish is widely spoken. As of 2010, English is spoken by 73 percent of the population. Spanish is spoken by 20 percent and Haitian Creole two percent. Other languages are spoken by less than one percent of the population.

Florida Major Courts

The Florida Supreme Court has six justices and chief justice. The Florida Constitution defines and establishes the fundamental structure, operations duties, and function of government in the state.

Florida Native American history

The earliest historical records begin from the 16th century. As per those records, the list of Native American groups present at that time included Ais of central Atlantic coast, Appalachee of Florida panhandle, Timucua of central and northern Florida, Tequesta of southeastern coast, Calusa in the southwest of the state and Tocobaga in the area now known as Tampa Bay.

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Florida Geography

The Gulf of Mexico borders Florida to the west and the state of Alabama to its northwest. Georgia flanks the state in its north and the Atlantic Ocean to its east. The Straits of Florida borders the state to its south. It is the 22nd most large state, occupying 67,755 square miles.

Florida Industries

Florida leads the nation in powerboat sales. The Bone Valley region is known for its phosphate mining. Florida makes 25 percent of phosphate world supply and 75 percent of US requirements.

Things to do in Florida

Florida is known as "Sunshine State" and is the winter destination for Americans and international tourists during winter. The beaches make up the prime attractions; others include Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.

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