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Massachusetts General Info

Massachusetts is named after a tribe. It is one of the major states in New England. Massachusetts has played an important role in shaping America’s history. The state was the center of several movements. Massachusetts is the birthplace of volleyball and basketball. Massachusetts was the first state in the country to recognize same-sex marriages.

The state is home to the globally renowned Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massachusetts has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S. The state is home to more than 200 endangered species.

Massachusetts Capital - Massachusetts’s capital is Boston.

Massachusetts Governor - Charlie Baker is Massachusetts’ serving governor. He has held the office since 2015. Baker is a member of the Republican Party. In the 2018 gubernatorial election, Baker got the highest total votes in the history of the state’s gubernatorial elections.

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Massachusetts Population: Demographics, and Most Populated Cities

The state's population primarily comprises of whites, blacks, and Hispanics. The number of non-English speakers in the state is higher than the national average. The most common birthplaces of foreign-born citizens in the state are China, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. Compared to several other U.S. states, Massachusetts has a higher number of native Portuguese speakers.

The most populous cities in the state are Boston, Springfield, Cambridge, Worcester, Brockton, Lowell, and New Bedford.

Massachusetts Racial Breakdown

Whites comprise around 72 percent of the state's total population. Hispanics make up around 12 percent of the total population. Blacks comprise around 7 percent of the state's population. Over the years, Alaska Natives, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders have made the state their home.

Massachusetts Major Cities - Major cities in Massachusetts are Boston, Springfield, Cambridge, Salem, Worcester, Lowell, and Plymouth.

Massachusetts Attorney General - Maura Healey is Massachusetts' serving governor. Healey is a member of the Democratic Party. In 2018, she was re-elected as the state's Attorney General. Healey is the first openly gay Attorney General in the U.S.

Massachusetts People Search

Massachusetts Senators - Massachusetts’ serving senators are Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren. Both Warren and Markey are members of the Democratic Party.

Massachusetts Languages - Some non-English languages spoken in the state are Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Russian, French, and Vietnamese.

Massachusetts Major Courts

The court system in Massachusetts includes state courts and federal courts. State courts in the state include the Massachusetts Superior Court, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Massachusetts District Court, and Massachusetts Housing Court. Federal courts located in the state are United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Native American History  

Native Americans were the first settlers in Massachusetts. In 7,000 B.C., residents started building basic establishments and stone tools. In 7,500 B.C., local tribes including Nauset, Mohican, Pocomtuc, Pequot, and Nipmuc started building permanent homes.  In the 17th century, first European settlers arrived in the state.

Massachusetts Geography: How Big the State is - Massachusetts is the 44th largest state by area in the country. Its total area is 10,565 sq mi.

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Massachusetts Industries and Jobs: What are the most sought-after industries and jobs

Major employers in the state are hospitals, restaurants & food services, and elementary & secondary schools. A substantial percentage of the state’s working population holds managerial jobs, secretarial and admin jobs, and nursing jobs.

Massachusetts National Parks, Monuments and Historic Landmarks 

Some historic landmarks in the state are Adams Academy, John Quincy Adams Birthplace, Maria Baldwin House, Edward Bellamy House, Boardman House, and Louis Brandeis House. Some monuments in the state are Bunker Hill Monument, Ether Monument, and John Harvard Statue.

Best Things to Do in Massachusetts

  • Visit Fenway Park.
  • Participate in the Boston Marathon.
  • Explore Harvard Square.
  • Visit the site of the Boston Massacre.

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