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Everything You Need to Know About Oregon!

Capital - The capital of Oregon is Salem, which became the capital city is 1851.

Oregon Governor
The present and 28th Governor of Oregon is Kate Brown of the Democratic Party.

Oregon Population, Demographics and most populated cities

The population of Oregon is 4,093,465 as on July 1, 2016. As per census data of 2010, 49.5% are males and 50.5% females. The majority population is in the age group of 18-54 (63.5%).

The biggest city in Oregon is Portland, which has a population of 639,863. The capital Salem is the second largest city with a population of 167,419. At third place is Eugene, which has a population of 166,575.

Oregon Racial breakdown

Whites form the majority in Oregon. 85.1% of the population are whites. 1.9% are blacks, and 1.1% are American Indians. 4% Asian live in Oregon.

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Oregon Attorney General - Ellen Rosenblum of the Democratic Party is the Attorney General of Oregon.

Oregon Senators - The US Senators from Oregon are Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, both of whom belong to the Democratic Party.

Oregon Languages - 87.9% of the residents of Oregon speak English. After English, the next language that is spoken commonly is Spanish, which is spoken by 6.8% of people.

Oregon Major Courts - The Oregon Supreme Court in Salem is the highest court of the state. The Oregon Court of Appeals handles appellate cases. The Oregon Circuit Courts handle civil and criminal cases. There are a total of 36 circuit courts. Tax cases are handled by the Oregon Tax Court.

Oregon Native American History

Oregon State has had Native Americans living here from centuries. In 1849, there was a conflict between settlers and Native Americans. The Rogue River Wars tool place from 1855 to 1856 and was disastrous. It is estimated that 80% of natives died in the conflict. In 1856 Natives were forcefully removed to a settlement in Grand Ronde.

The 1954 Western Oregon Indian Termination Act led to natives losing all their land. Following this, most natives left the state and spread across to different parts of the country.

Oregon People Search
As on today, there are nine native tribes that are officially recognized by the Federal Government.

Oregon Geography - Oregon State is 295 miles (475 km) from North to South and 395 miles (636 km) from East to West. It has an area of 98,381 square miles (254,810 km2).

Oregon Industries and Jobs

Oregon has a workforce of 1,972,700. It is estimated that 3.4% of the population is unemployed.

The Silicon Forest area is a major contributor to the economy. Tektronix and Intel are contributors to the technology industry in Oregon. Many large corporations have their headquarters in Oregon, including Nike, Portland General Electric, and Columbia Sportswear.

The top three industries in Oregon are Electronic equipment, Wood processing, and Food processing.

Oregon National parks, Monuments, and Historic Landmarks

There are three National Parks in Oregon – Crater Lake National Park, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, and Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks. The top monuments in Oregon are the Oregon Caves, Fossil Beds, Newberry National Volcanic Monument, and Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Some key historical landmarks of Oregon are Mount Hood, Painted Hills, Multnomah Falls, Crater Lake, and Haystack rock.

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Best Things to do in Oregon

In Oregon, you can visit any of the National Parks or renowned monuments like Fossil Beds, Oregon Caves, or Haystack rock. Tourists can camp near Steens Mountains to enjoy a desert-like experience. They can also visit ‘Little Switzerland' in the Wallowa Mountains.

Oregon has no sales tax. Guests can enjoy tax-free shopping all over the state.

Oregon has 17 wine regions. You can visit the food festivals like Truffle festival in January, Cheese Festival in March, and enjoy a gastronomic experience in September at the Oregon Truffle Festival.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
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