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Here is How You can Put a Stop to Phone Scams!

GoLookUp phone number search tool allows you to discover who is behind every phone number that calls you. Our reverse phone service will reveal every piece of information about any number in the United States in just a few minutes! How do we do it? We match every phone number to its owner and pull up complete background check and other related public records information in order to inform our users exactly who is behind the phone number that has been spamming them. GoLookUp phone scam tool is the best way to put a stop to phone scams! Since our service has been around since 2014, we have improved our data and information over the years and guarantee the best results in the industry. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

We offer 100% money back guarantee, along side with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service and support! Stopping spam callers has never been easier with GoLookUp reverse phone tool check!

Phone Spam Statistics: What You Need to Know!

Phone scams has been on top of the fraud lists for some years now. In 2017, almost 350,000 reports of phone scams have been recorded by the FTC. Almost 1 out of every 5 people has reported some type of a phone scam. In 2017, almost $328 million was lost to phone scams. Type of phone scams include, but not limited to: Technology support such as tech help from various tech companies, a person pretending to be a lost relative, IRS type scams, and credit card type scams of people claiming to be representatives of credit card companies. The FTC stated it had heard from almost 2.7 million people in 2017 alone.

Phone scams can also include: Identity theft, credit card fraud, tax frauds, and health insurance frauds. Phone scams has been increasing from year to year, although people are not being more careful and using phone scam tools to stop being scammed by fraudsters. Most phone scams are asking for money via wire transfers. It is reported by the FTC that younger crowd has lost more money on phone scams then older people. However, people over 70 had lost the most money through these type of scams.

Here is an Overview of Phone Scam Statistics:

  • Scam Total Reports: 2.7 million
  • Total Fraud Reports: 1.1 million
  • Total Fraud Losses: $905 million
  • Median Dollar Loss From Fraud: $429
Stop Phone Scam
Stop Phone Scams with GoLookUp

What you can Do to Stop Phone Scams?

  1. Always use a phone scam tool such as GoLookUp.
  2. Never wire or give money over the phone to someone you do not not.
  3. If something feels not right, hang up the phone and inform the authorities.
  4. Use Caller ID on all your phone calls.
  5. Never give credit card details over the phone.
  6. Never wire any persons who claims to be a lost relative you never heard of.
  7. Research the phone number you received the call from.
  8. Google the company or person who is calling you.
  9. Be extra cautious when speaking to people you do not know over the phone.
  10. Do not sign up to unknown websites with your phone number.

What Will a GoLookUp Account Allow you to Do?

Advanced Background Check

GoLookUp is the best background check available online. With hundreds of millions of public records and real time data, GoLookUp offers the most accurate background check reports online! When you perform a spam number check, you will get immediate access to GoLookUp background check services which includes a variety of data source from millions of public records online!

Reverse Email Lookup

A reverse email search will let you identify any email owner in the United States. You will be able to not only put a stop to spam callers, but to email spams as well. A reverse email search will reveal everything related to the owner of the email. You can run unlimited reverse email searches with GoLookUp by simply entering the email into the GoLookUp dashboard once you create your account!

Unclaimed Money Search

Though putting a stop to spam callers is great, so is finding unclaimed money that may belong to you. GoLookUp lets you search for unclaimed money that may belong to you from a pool of over 100 million records. Every day there are millions of dollars who are unclaimed sitting with local and state governments. GoLooKUp is the largest unclaimed money public records aggregator.

Reverse Address Lookup

When you create your GoLookUp account, you will gain unlimited access to reverse address lookup. You will be able to perform as many address and property searches as you would like. A reverse address search will let you find complete history of any address in the United States, including value and other related information to the address such as home owners and loans against the house.

Companies Information

In the United States, there are millions of small to large businesses. If you are looking for any information related to businesses and companies, GoLookUp has got you covered. GoLookup lets you search and access companies information for any company in the United States. Find contact information, company value, number of employees, revenue and products. You can even go the extra step and run background checks on any employee within the company. GoLookUp makes all that very easy to do once you become a member!

Arrest Records

GoLookUp lets you search for arrest records in the United States. Arrest records search will reveal mugshots and detention information such as booking and crimes. Its important to note that arrest records contain sensitive information. All information obtained from GoLookUp must be used in accordance with our terms and conditions and FCRA laws!

Sex Offender Searches

With nearly 1 million registered sex offenders, you ought to know what sex offenders are living near you. GoLookUp lets you search every sex offender in the United States. Check and find offenders living near you by simply entering your zip code into the GoLookUp dashboard. Our system will return complete results for every sex offender in, or around your area. Information included: Mugshots, offenses, current and previous addresses! Its never been easier to keep your family safe. Make sure you use our sex offender search tool!

Is Running a Spam Number Check Free?

Though there are spam applications and websites who claim to offer free phone number lookup no charge, if you want to get accurate results and really put a stop to spam callers, you will need to pay either a one time fee for a one time report, or create a monthly membership which will allow you to enjoy unlimited services of GoLookUp!

Phone Scam
Put a Stop to Phone Scams!
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