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These are the Best Pickup Lines if you are Looking for Pickup Lines!

by Ciara C.

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Here are Some of the Most Fun Pickup lines and Best Pickup lines for Both Guys and Girls regardless of Age!

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  1. Is your father a gardener, because you are surely a flower
  2. Are you religious by any chance? I think my prayers have been answered after meeting you.
  3. Could you please tie your shoes, I surely do not want to fall for anyone else.
  4. Could someone dial 911, because it sure is isn’t illegal to look this good!
  5. How is your todo list doing? Could you add me to your to do list please?
  6. Could you check your phone please? I am not sure my number is in it.
  7. Living without you is exactly like a pencil, simply pointless.
  8. If you ever want to see a picture of someone beautiful, just hold up a mirror.
  9. I’m loving your body, did you get it from McDonald’s?
  10. There sure is a lot of gravity here, because I'm falling for you.
  11. Not that we are socks or anything, but I am pretty sure we would make a great couple.
  12. I think we took chemistry together, because damn we got chemistry.
  13. I’m feeling like I'm near a bonfire when I'm next to you. You are too hot
  14. You seem cold, would you like to use me as a blanket?
  15. If i was a page, you would make a fine print.
  16. I know what i want for Christmas after meeting you.
  17. Hi there, you look a lot like my next girlfriend.
  18. I think I may have to ask you to leave soon, you’re making everyone look too bad.
  19. Your lips seem lonely, would you like me to introduce my lips?
  20. Hey, do your legs hurt? Because you have been running through my dreams all night.
  21. You look a lot like a 90 degree angle? Just right.
  22. Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?
  23. 23.  Isn't your name Google? Because you got just everything I am looking for!
  24. Wow, did everyone just feel this earthquake? No, probably just me, feeling rocking my world.
  25. Do you believe in love in first site? No? OK, i’ll walk by again.
  26. I am 100% boyfriend material made.
  27. Are you sure you not a magician? Seems to me you are making everyone else disappear.
  28. Someone let Disneyland they are not the happiest place on earth any more. Being next to you is.
  29. You are everything I was looking for, and more.
  30. I seem to be lost, could you give me the right directions to your heart.
  31. Did everyone hear that? Was that a plane taking off, or just my heart from seeing you?
  32. Could you touch me again please, that way I can tell everyone I was touched by an angel.
  33. Seeing you making me feel like the sun is always smiling at me.
  34. Seems like dinosaurs still exist!
  35. I think we’d make a pretty cute couple together.
  36. Can I buy you a drink? Actually make that 5 drinks.
  37. I was always told to follow my dreams, could I follow you?
  38. Are you a thief? Because you had just stole my heart
  39. I would say: God Bless You! However it seems like he already had!
  40. Baby, you drive me crazy.
  41. Baby, you are the definition of happiness
  42. Aren’t you a model? I’m pretty sure I saw you on the cover of vogue.
  43. Oh man, I think I just got struck by lightening.
  44. Is it really hot here? Or is just because I'm standing next to you?
  45. Hey there, could you please give me my heart back?
  46. Baby, I think I can make all your dreams come true.
  47. Baby, if you were a stop light, I would not mind standing in red all day long, just so I could look at you.
  48. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you!
  49. You are the complete package!
  50. Would you hold this for me, while I write down your number?


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