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Akron Police Departments Information

The city of Akron, Ohio is policed by the Akron Police Departments. Kenneth R. Ball II is the Akron Police Chief. The City of Akron Police Department is currently serviced by 451 sworn employees.

Akron Police Mission Statement

Akron Police Departments strive to serve the population of Akron in a collaborative fashion, so it can improve the quality of life by preventing crime, enforcing laws and reducing fear by promoting safety proactively.

The City of Akron Police Department espouses the following values and principles, as per its mission statement.
  • Trust – Akron Police Department's desire to enhance teamwork, communication, and trust by cooperating and collaborating with each other and the community.
  • Honesty and Integrity – Akron Police promises to try to model a high standard of honesty and integrity in both personal and professional lives.
  • Competence – Akron Police Departments recognizes the need for continuous improvement in order to set a standard of excellence in law enforcement in the community.
  • Fairness – City of Akron Police Department states that it will be impartial while interacting with any individual, be it in the department or in the citizenry.
  • Respect – Finally, Akron Police rounds up their mission statement by saying that they will treat all with dignity and safeguard the constitutional rights of the citizens.

City of Akron Police Department Investigative Subdivision

Akron Police runs an investigative subdivision for the benefit of people in Akron. The Akron Police Department Investigative Subdivision consists of the Major Crimes Unit, the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, Crimes Against Property Unit and other units. It is headed by Major Jesse Leeser. The division is given the duty of investigating crimes, apprehending offenders, processing crime scenes, preparing cases for trial and recovering stolen property.

The Major Crimes Unit or the Crimes Against Persons Unit look into robberies, homicide, sexual assault and other felony cases. Primarily functional during the day, it investigates cases in two shifts from 3 pm-7 am.

The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative or SAKI unit uses DNA sampling and forensic evidence to investigate cold cases of sexual assaults. The SAKI unit is grant-funded and a result of community collaboration between Ohio BCI, Summit County Prosecutors Office, Rape Crisis Center and Victim Assistance Center.
The Crimes Against Property Unit investigates major thefts, financial and credit card crimes and residential and commercial burglaries.

Akron Police Department Address and Akron Police Department Email

The Akron Police Department Address is 217 S High Street, Akron, Ohio, 44308-1611. You can call the Akron PD at 330 375 2244 or fax them at 330 375 2135. It serves an approx population of 223,019 people.

The Akron Police Department Email has not been made public, so it is wiser to call/fax or visit the Akron Police Department Address to get in touch with them. In the absence of an Akron Police Department, Email, the best option for you to get in touch with Akron Police Departments, really, is to visit the Akron Police Department Address. Similarly, you can also check out their official Facebook page.

The unavailability of Akron Police Department Email rarely poses any problem to the Akron resident trying to consult the Akron Police. As already mentioned, there are several other methods they can employ to reach out to them. If you happen to be in Akron and are faced with any legal issue/crime, you should contact the City of Akron Police Department and they will help you deal with the same. At no point should you attempt to take the law into your hands, it will only put you on the wrong side of the law. Reach out to the police and they will handle any law and order situation that you might encounter.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!