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Atlanta Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

The agency responsible for maintaining law and order in the city of Atlanta is the Atlanta Police Department. Details about Atlanta Police Department can be found in the department’s official website http://www.atlantapd.org/. The Atlanta Police organizational mission is to create a safer Atlanta. The core values of the department are professionalism, integrity, commitment, and courage.

Atlanta Police Department address

The mailing address of the department is Atlanta Police Department, 226, Peachtree St SW, Atlanta, GA, 30303.

Contact Information

The emergency number for getting in touch with the department is 911.

The police information number is 404-614-6544

For a journalist seeking information or assistance, the email address is apd-publicaffairs@atlantaga.gov.

The phone number of public affairs Director is 404-546-4283

A link is provided in the department website to complain about any officer.

In addition, there are links to write to the Chief of Police or submit a general comment.

Telephone numbers of all key officials are displayed on the department website.

Atlanta Police Departments

Atlanta Police Department Organization

The Atlanta Police is headed by a Chief of Police. The current Chief of Police is Erika Shields. The Chief of Police is assisted by an Assistant Chief. There are six divisions of the department reporting to the office of the Chief of Police.

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division of the department is responsible for community-oriented policing, airport police functions, special operations, and code enforcement. The division is currently headed by Deputy Chief Elder Dancy. Special operations units carry out specialized patrolling functions. The special weapons and tactics unit handles hostage situation or bomb disposal. The motors unit enforces traffic laws. The community-oriented policing section is dedicated to building a community partnership in policing. The services offered by community-oriented policing section include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender services, Hispanic and multicultural community services and homeless outreach initiatives.

Contingency Operations Division

The division’s responsibility is to ensure safety in the major events in the city such as parades, protests, marches, rallies, sports or entertainment events. The division has to undertake appropriate research and planning to ensure it and also see to it that the constitutional right of everyone involved in such events is protected. The division is headed by Deputy Chief Terrel Griffin.

Criminal Investigations Division

The division investigates and follows up on any crime committed in the city of Atlanta. It has got a number of units working under it. The division is currently headed by Deputy Chief Stacie Gibbs. The two main sections under the division are the major crimes section and the special enforcement section. Units working under major crimes section are homicide unit, robbery unit, gun assault team unit, special victims unit, Metro Atlanta Crime Stoppers and the major fraud unit.

 Atlanta Police
Field Operations Division

This division does patrol in the city. Answering calls for service is also this division’s responsibility. There are six geographic patrol zones under the division. The six zones are West Atlanta, North Atlanta, Southeast Atlanta, Southwest Atlanta, Downtown –Midtown and East Atlanta. The Field Operations Division is currently headed by Deputy Chief Jeffery Glazier.

Strategy and Special Projects Division

The division is responsible for strategic initiatives such as new technologies and projects. It has got a Video Integration Center, the Planning and Research Unit, Staff Inspections, Crime Analysis, the Retired Officer’s Force and the Atlanta Police Leadership Institute working under it. The division is now headed by Deputy Chief Lane Hagin.

Support Services Division

This division provides support services to all other divisions in the Atlanta Police Department. It has got a training academy, information services unit and corporate services unit working under it. The division is headed by Deputy Chief Scot Kreher at present.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!