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Bellevue Police Departments Information

Bellevue Police provides police services to a population of over 130, 000. The total strength of the Bellevue Police Department is currently 232. The department has 185 commissioned officers serving Washington state’s 5th largest city. In addition to traditional mail systems, the Bellevue Police maintain a robust online system for citizens to get in touch with the police for faster response to police situations.

There are separate Bellevue police departments (divisions) and officers to handle different police situations. One of them is the area sector captain who is responsible for the sector assigned to him or her. Bellevue police have 1 sector captain working for each of its north, west, and south geographical sectors.

Sector captains are accessible to citizens looking to report crimes, police situations or issues of concern, in their respective sector. Sector captains are only to be accessed for non-emergency police situations.

Bellevue Police Departments
Bellevue Police Department Address and Other Contact Information

The physical address of Bellevue Police is:

450, Avenue 110 NE

City of Bellevue

Washington 98004

The phone number for emergency situations: 911

The phone number for non-emergency police situations: 425 577 5656

Bellevue Police Office phone number: 425 452 6917 or 425 452 6800

A list of phone numbers of Bellevue police departments and officers is available here.

Bellevue Police Department Email: bellevuepd@Bellevuewa.gov

Bellevue Police Services

The department offers its police services online for the convenience of citizens. Some of these services include:

  • Alarm registration service
  • Traffic service request submissions including concerns and issues about speeding vehicles, parking issues, problematic traffic areas, and others.
  • Concealed pistol license application
  • Resolution of requests for public police records

Reporting Crimes

The city of Bellevue Police Department enables citizens to report crimes online. Using the online system, a citizen looking to lodge a complaint or report a crime can do so immediately and can have a report printed for free. Citizens can use the online system under the following conditions:

  • The police situation being reported is not an emergency.
  • The situation occurred within the city limits of Bellevue, but not on any state freeway.
  • Suspects of the crime are unknown.

A citizen wanting to report a traffic collision that occurred on a state highway or on city streets needs to report the situation to the State Patrol.

If an online report warrants further investigation, then the Bellevue Police contact the individual that made the report.

Bellevue Police
Bellevue Police Department Community Academy

This is a registration-based educational program aimed at familiarizing Bellevue residents with the city’s police department. Students enrolling in the program are given practical lessons on how the police department and its various divisions operate.

BPD Safe Place Program

This program is a collaboration of the Bellevue Police Department with local businesses and community organizations and the LGBTQ community. The Program works toward the objective of creating a safer place for the LGBTQ community, promote better relations with the community, and reduce and prevent hate crimes targeting the community.

The Program also provides support to victims of LGBTQ crimes and takes steps that serve as a warning to culprits that involve in such crimes.

Bellevue Police Department: Crime Prevention

There is a separate Crime Prevention unit that works toward raising public awareness regarding crimes and promoting collaboration between the Bellevue Police Department and the local community to reduce the crime rate in the city.

As part of crime prevention, the Bellevue Police encourages residents with canine pets to fight crimes through its Paws on Patrol initiative. This is a registration-based program that trains interested residents in using their canine friends to identify crimes and suspicious activities in the neighborhood.

Citizens interested in the program can learn more about it by calling a crime prevention officer on 425 452 6915.

As part of crime prevention, the city of Bellevue Police Department provides information on sex offenders residing in the city. This list provides details of high- to moderate-risk sex offenders, kidnapping offenders, and homeless sex offenders, living in the city. The list is updated regularly.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!