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Cincinnati Police Departments Information

The Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) is officially the primary law enforcement agency for the city of Cincinnati consisting of 52 divers ethnic American neighborhoods. The force employs around 1000 police officers and 125 civilian employees.

The core values on which the Cincinnati Police Department stand on is:

Integrity: Honesty and morality are what drives the Cincinnati Police Department takes forward every day.

Professionalism: The people representing the Cincinnati Police Department adheres to the highest level of personal and organizational excellence.

Diversity: There is strength in diversity and diverse groups of people come united to form the Cincinnati Police Department

Accountability: The CPD strongly believes in accountability in all its actions

Vigilance: The CPD advocates and practices perpetual vigilance to issues and problems impacting the community

Cincinnati Police Departments
The Cincinnati Police Department revolves around the philosophy of problem-solving in relation to crime and disorder. With a healthy and collaborative relationship nurtured with communities in Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Police Department goes about preventing crime, improving the quality of life of individuals and communities, and maintaining increased safety in neighborhoods coming under its jurisdiction. Thus, problem-solving policing requires the police, as well as civilians like the city worker, the business people, residents, and property owners, take ownership of their respective areas of residence to bring about a peaceful co-existence on a daily basis. This consistently growing partnership between the police and civilians has seen a huge drop in crime in the city of Cincinnati.

The think tank of the Cincinnati Police Department prides itself in coming up with innovative strategies to fight crime like crime pattern analysis, habitual offenders and repeat victim analysis, etc.

CCROW (Cincinnati Citizens Respect Our Witnesses):

The CCROW is a witness support program where necessary support systems are in place to counsel and advise a course of action that a witness of a crime should adopt. Justice will prevail only if the no snitch culture is rid of from the community and therefore the CCROW exists to educate witnesses of their fundamental duty to do everything they can and ensure that heinous crimes committed in Cincinnati do not go unpunished.

Cincinnati Police
Some support systems in place are as follows:

Court: Everything about a court is stressful, let alone testify. The CCROW staff and volunteers are dedicated to being with the witness every step of the way by providing necessary court services, transportation, light meals, and escorts whenever necessary.

Support: The very thought of witnessing against crime can send a witness into depressions, anxiety and sometimes even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that includes difficulty finding sleep, eating and concentrating. The CCROW social workers are people trained to identify these symptoms and refer witnesses to the right professionals who can help them manage and relieve tensions that they experience.

Interventions: Intimidation and threats against the witness from the offender or people related to him can be very stressful and traumatic. The CCROW helps witnesses temporarily relocate to other areas as part of a strategic plan to protect them from any harm. Other service such as installing panic alarms and emergency response systems in houses at no cost to the witness are incorporated in the CCROW program.


Telephone: 513-352-3542

Email: Jennifer.mitsch@cincinnati-oh.gov


Online Reporting System:

The Cincinnati Police Department online reporting system helps witnesses to report crimes while sitting in the comforts of their home. However, not all crimes can be reported online. Emergency situations or when a person is in bodily harm, must be reported to the Cincinnati Police Department emergency line, 911 immediately. The online crime reporting system can be used when the following crimes take place:

  1. Property Damage – Accidental
  2. Property Damage – Intentional
  3. Lost Property
  4. Theft of a Motor Vehicle
  5. Phone Call Harassment
  6. Petty Theft.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!