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Denver Police Departments Information

The DPD or Denver Police Department is the primary police department having jurisdiction over the County, as well as, the City of Denver in Colorado. The department offers all kinds of police services to the county along with Denver International Airport. The department can also offer police service on a contractual basis to the county’s special districts.

Mr. Paul M. Pazen is the police chief at present. He assumed office on 9th July 2018. The department’s Patrol Division comprises six patrol districts. There can be a maximum of three distinct sectors within every patrol district. Each sector further consists of various precincts. Every precinct is equipped with 1 to 2 police officers and 1 patrol car.

Contact Details

Denver Police Department Address:

Police Administration Building,

1331 Cherokee Street,

Denver, Colorado 80204.

Denver Police Department Email: dpdpio@denvergov.org

Emergency contact number: 911

Non-emergency contact number: (720) 913-2000

Website: https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/police-department.html

Services and Programs

The city of Denver Police Department conducts various services, as well as, programs for the security and welfare of the citizens. Check out some of them below”

Denver Police Department
Community Academy

The Community Police Academy of the Denver Police Department conducts a multi-session training program several times every year. Each program has a batch strength of around 25 to 35 participants on average. The program has been specifically designed to make the community members aware of the various police procedures. It also offers an opportunity for the community to meet the cops and query them. Police officers, as well as, other experts conduct demonstrations and lectures for the attendees.

Once the program is completed, the attendees will get a certificate of completion and can be invited to join in the VIPS or Volunteers in Police Services unit.

Victim Assistance Unit

The VAU or Victim Assistance Unit offers advocacy, information, support, and services on crisis intervention to family members, witnesses, and victims when there is criminal victimization or some cases of severe non-criminal misfortune. The unit implements a comprehensive and proactive victim-centered approach so that the needs of every victim can be met through follow-up services and crisis intervention on the crime scene.

The Victim Specialists of the unit have the responsibility of responding within the communities of Denver with other team members of the Denver Police Department. They will identify services/resources, as well as, connect the people affected my stark misfortune and crime to system-based agencies and community for additional support.

City of Denver Police Department

Background Checks and Fingerprinting Services

  1. Identification Section

Some of the major functions performed by the Identification Section are as follows:

  • Give testimony as an expert witness during habitual criminal trials
  • Registering all Denver sex offenders, probationers, and parolees
  • Verifying the identity of all those people arrested in Denver by fingerprint
  • Sealing the records according to the directions of the courts
  • Creating photo lineups for the detectives
  • Recording and filing restraining orders received from courts in Denver
  • Making arrests
  • Archiving all records of Denver from paper to the computer database
  • Creating identification cards for city employees including that of the district attorney, Career Service employees, employees on probation, fire, and police
  • To process all license and excise permits in Denver
  • To process firm background checks on behalf of other agencies

Background Checks

The Denver Police Department furnishes information in the form of arrests made within the County and City of Denver. However, Denver Summons and juvenile arrests will be excluded from this information.

Traffic Investigations Unit

It is a dedicated unit of the Denver Police, which is responsible for investigating traffic collisions and include serious and fatal bodily injuries, impaired driving, accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians, and hit and run cases in the County and City of Denver.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!