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Fort Wayne Police Department Information

The City of Fort Wayne Police Department, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, strives to protect all people, property, and animals from the clutches of criminals and crime. In this regard, they actively seek the help of the community to help them weed out crime and the activities of a criminal in the bud.

In addition, the police department of Fort Wayne also seeks to improve the lives of the people in the community by understanding the diversity of various cultures, their needs, and whether a specific culture requires more for its growth than others. The Police Department recognizes the need for impartial law in governing the city and strives to provide exceptional service in this regard.

Fort Wayne Police Departments

Fort Wayne Police Department Programs and Services

Concerned Citizen’s Watch: Through this program, adult volunteers are trained to observe signs of any suspicious activity taking place in the neighborhood or in their general vicinity, and to report them immediately to the police. These volunteers work as the “eyes and ears” of the police and are unarmed, non- confrontational, and anonymous. Their job is simply to report the crime, not to engage with the perpetrator in any form.

Unwanted Rx Drop- Off This is a monthly program, designed for people to drop off they're unwanted or expired prescription medicines in designated police departments, instead of disposing of them through the waste. This prevents the medicines from being disposed of into the streets or the garbage disposals. Thus, expired medicines do not fall into the hands of unsuspecting people, who may consume them and expose themselves to serious illnesses or even death.

Police Athletic League (PAL): The PAL program is an initiative of the police department of Fort Wayne to engage with the youth of the community through athletic programs and sports events. PAL is run on charities and is funded exclusively by the Fort Wayne Police Department. This program is especially aimed to curb the fears of the youth regarding police officers and regard them more like friends, rather than feared officials. In addition to mitigating fears about the police, this program also aims to increase the interest of the youth in pursuing a career as a police officer, as they are no more seen as people who are different from the community at large.

Coffee with a Cop: This program is largely aimed to bridge the differences between cops and the citizens of the community. People get to spend a few hours with cops and talk to them directly. This helps in reducing the adage of cops being inaccessible to the public. Through this program, citizens can learn first- hand about all the activities taking place to make their community a better place, can speak to cops about any grievances that they have, and can learn from officers to take steps on curbing the issues that they face in their neighborhood. Through Coffee with a Cop, people can understand their police officers on a more personal, human level.

City of Fort Wayne Police Department

Fort Wayne Police Department Address

1, East Main Street, Fort Wayne 46802, Indiana.

Fort Wayne Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911. For any non-emergency related issue, contact the Fort Wayne Police at (260) 427- 8311 (General Information) or (260) 427- 8311 (Outside Allen County)

Fort Wayne Police Department Website


Fort Wayne Police Department Email

The Fort Wayne Police does not utilize emails for association with the public. Any correspondence is to be conducted strictly through telephone (non-emergency line), or through the mailing address at Citizen’s Square, 200 East Berry Street Suite 425, Fort Wayne, 46802, Indiana.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!