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Fresno Police Departments Information

The Fresno Police Department services the Californian city of Fresno. The department has specialized units for specialist expertise essential for certain crimes. Service dogs (the K-9 Unit) are also part of the Fresno police department’s staff.

The department has an impressive infrastructure to tackle crimes of all sizes and forms. Infrastructure includes state-of-the-art equipment, a large vehicle fleet, and planes and helicopters.

Fresno Police Department Address and other Contact Information

The address of the department’s headquarters is:

2323 Mariposa Street,


California 93721

Phone Number: 621 2200

Fresno police department email: policedept@fresno.gov.

Major Units of the City of Fresno Police Department and their Functions

  • The Traffic division works on improving traffic safety and reducing road accidents. The division works through its area units that are deployed in every policing district of the city (there are 5 policing districts in total in Fresno). These units respond to traffic complaints and collisions in their respective district.
Fresno Police Departments

Streets that are most vulnerable to collisions are handled by special officers; there are 16 such traffic officers. These officers target poor driver behaviors and take other proactive actions to prevent collisions.

The Fresno Police Department has been receiving steady recognition for its traffic safety initiatives from the IACP, the largest professional association in the world for police officers.

  • The Mounted Patrol Unit performs standard police duties, including making arrests, issuing citations and conducting investigations into crimes. Officers enrolled in the division receive training in crowd controlling techniques, equitation and police methods. Services of the unit officers are called upon for special events, and for tackling public issues such as parking problems and crowd control.
  • H.E.A.T. unit handles vehicle theft crimes. Operations of the task force include monitoring areas on the high vehicle-theft radar, conducting regular inspections to identify or locate chop shops, serving felony arrest warrants that are outstanding for suspects of vehicle thefts and other associated crimes, and monitoring former vehicle theft criminals.
  • The Crime Suppression Unit was organized at a district level in 2002. These teams take prompt action in a crime situation and act in a pro-active manner to stop crimes before they occur.

These suppression teams have 60 officers and 10 supervisors. 2 such teams are assigned to every policing district. Teams work on urgent crimes and criminal matters such as parole violations, crime patterns, wanted criminals, drug and gang crimes, and sex crimes.

  • The S.W.A.T. unit handles critical crime situations, including those involving hostages, snipers, and armed subjects. The services of the unit are also sought for personal protection where the individual is a high-risk subject or a dignitary. The unit also handles special assignments assigned by Fresno police chief.
  • The canine members of the K-9 unit are used for a range of police duties including locating missing people; identifying evidence locations; locating, and assisting in apprehending, suspects of crime; detecting narcotics; and protecting assigned handlers from harm.
City of Fresno Police Department

The K-9 unit is trained every week and is tested on a regular basis to maintain high-performance standards of police servicing.

The team members are a regular at state-level police K-9 competitions and have to their credit several prestigious honors.

  • The duty of the EOD unit is to handle any hazardous device and prevent risks of explosion. The unit members are trained to handle explosive devices in a safe and expert manner. They also provide other services, including:

o Safe transportation and disposal of hazardous substances and devices

o Investigation of crime scenes involving a blast, and collecting and preserving evidence therein

o Preparing and providing testimony for court proceedings

o Performing threat assessments when required

o Extending technical expertise and training when required to other Fresno police departments including the K-9 division and the S.W.A.T.

o Providing assistance to the department’s general awareness campaigns on bombs and explosives for public safety

  • The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for handling citizen complaints regarding the department and investigating allegations of misconduct within the department.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!