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Gilbert Police Department Information

The Gilbert Police Department has its jurisdiction within the city of Gilbert in Arizona. The department works together with the community to ensure that peace reigns in the city and that criminal activity is curbed and prevented as much as possible. The Gilbert Police have various volunteer programs as well, and many residents regularly participate in events, drives and volunteer programs that have been organized by the department.

How can you contact the Gilbert Police Department?

The City of Gilbert Police Department has a strong online as well as in-city presence. The department has a strong focus on the community and attempts to always be accessible to people. For any emergency, you must dial 911. Dialing 911 will help you in receiving emergency services immediately. The other ways of contacting the police are not monitored constantly, and even where they are monitored regularly, provisions for handling emergency services may not always be available. To ensure that you receive help should you find yourself in a dire situation, always dial 911.

Gilbert Police Department

For any other situation, such as a non-emergency, you can reach the Gilbert Police Department at 480-503-6500. The Gilbert Police have also made provisions for a number specifically for texts and telephone communications. This number is 480-503-6505. You can text this number with your query, and the police department will eventually get back to you. Aside from this, the department also stored various police records that you may need, such as background checks, records of warrants and arrests, as well as other information. To ask about a police record, you have to dial 480-635-7020.

The department also offers tours of the premises. If you want to send an email to the Gilbert Police Department, then the address is 'policecrimeprevention@gilbertaz.gov'.

For certain situations, you may have to visit the department headquarters. The department regularly schedules various events designed to build ties between the community, and many of them are held in the department's headquarters. The address for the Gilbert Police Station is:

75E Civic Centre Drive

Gilbert, AZ 85296

If you are visiting the center in order to ask for a record, you should carry a valid government-issued photographic ID with you.

Police Department Gilbert

The official website of the Gilbert Police Department lists all the various services and contact information that the department has made available. Aside from contacting the department using standard procedures, the website also lists numbers as well as a messaging platform for people who want to directly get in touch with different departments and people at different levels of seniority. The website, for example, both gives you a contact number that you can use to call the Chief Of Police, Michael Soelberg, and lists a way to send a message to him directly, through the website.

This applies to several other important members of the department as well. Aside from this, you can find information on the various volunteer programs the department runs. They host four different kinds of programs as a part of their work on community outreach. Aside from regular volunteering opportunities, the department also hosts a Citizen's Police Academy, a Diversity Committee and a program for Police Cadets.

As a way to stay close to the community and build relationships with the residents, the Gilbert Police Department has built a strong social media presence in the community. Their Facebook page regularly features updates on new and upcoming events, as well as on how the department is performing. You can follow this page for all the latest information regarding the Gilbert Police Department.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!