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Irvine Police Department Information

The city of Irvine came into being in the year 1971. During that time, the Sheriff's Department in Orange County provided the city with police services for one year, up until the year 1972. In 1972, the city got into a contract with the city of Costa Mesa, which would go on to provide police services for at least three years. The agreement was terminated in the year 1975, with the forming of the Irvine Police Department with Leo E. Peart as its first chief.

City of Irvine Police Department

The Irvine Police Department has a mission of working alongside the community to provide quality service by preserving the peace and upholding the laws. The department seeks to provide exceptional police services with the highest standards, ethics, and professionalism. It also commits to deploying the latest technologies available in the markets and combining them with the best policing practices to meet the demands of an ever-growing and diverse community.

The city of Irvine Police Department respects and upholds the values of integrity, providing quality service, accountability, and respect in all aspects of modern policing. In terms of integrity, the department recognizes doing the right things from the wrong ones and does what is right, no matter what happens. By doing so, it seeks to set an example for others in society.

Irvine Police Departments

The Irvine Police are always ready to accept responsibility for any decisions they make as well as for the consequences of their actions. They value human life and are considerate and caring of their citizens, thus, upholding the values instilled in the Constitution of the United States.

City of Irvine Police Department  Address

The Irvine Police Department is situated in the Civic Center Plaza in the city of Irvine. The department covers a jurisdictional area of 70 square miles and over 280,000 people, which includes the whole city of Irvine.

Irvine Police

Chief Mike Hamel is currently the head of the Irvine Police Department. The department has got several police cars which are mostly white with a set of green and blue stripes, often referred to as 'racing stripes.' These stripes run from the driver's side in the front, up to the back of the cars. The department made a switch to the traditional black and white gradient for their cars in January 2019.

Like other police departments across the United States, the Irvine Police Department has also got a ranking system for all its officers. The different rankings of the officers of the Irvine Police Department include Corporal Officer, Sergeant, Commander, Assistant Chief, and Chief of Police. The Corporal Officer, also known as a Field Training Officer, is among the lowest of the ranks, and the Chief of Police holds the highest position and stature in the department.

City of Irvine Police Department

The department serves different geographical areas throughout the city, including the University, Portola, as well as the Crossroads areas. An Area Commander heads each area. A team of supervisors, a patrolling team, a traffic team, an investigation team, and a team of civilians who serve as support staff work under the Area Commander. The Crossroads area has 22 residential communities, while the Portola area has got about 14 residential communities, and the University area has about nine residential communities.

The department serves all the communities in several areas encompassing the city of Irvine, while it may also serve only a few communities are other areas of the city. The Irvine Police Department offers the citizens of Irvine with a host of services including online crime reporting, fingerprinting, press releases, mobile apps dedicated to the department, business licensing, employment opportunities, and an array of other services. The department, along with the help of the community, works towards bringing the crime rates down in Irvine.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!