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Lancaster Police Departments Information

The Lancaster Police Departments is the agency that is responsible for law enforcement in the city of Lancaster, Dallas County in Texas.

About the Department

The City of Lancaster Police Department has jurisdiction in the city of Lancaster that has a total land area of 30.3 square miles. The city of Lancaster has a population of 39,477. The city is just 15 miles away from Dallas.

The Lancaster Police managed by the city council, under the overall supervision of the city manager. The head of the department is the Chief of Lancaster Police, the present chief being Sam Urbanski. There are a total of 66 sworn officers working in the department, helped by 6 civilian staff.

The Lancaster Police Department Address

100 Craig Shaw Memorial Parkway

Lancaster, TX 75134.

The phone number to contact the police department is (972) 218 2711. This is the non-emergency number to contact the police. In emergencies, 911 should be dialed to contact the police.

The Lancaster Police Department email address is not available. The email IDs of key functionaries are available and are as follows:

Chief of Police: surbanski@lancaster-tx.com

Assistant Chief of Police: jboulton@lancaster-tx.com

Administrative Assistant: lmays@lancaster-tx.com

The Lancaster Police Department’s website is http://www.lancaster-tx.com/198/Police

Lancaster Police Departments


The Lancaster Police Department is headed by the police chief. The assistant chief assists the chief in discharging his responsibilities. The assistant chief has lieutenants to assist him. The lieutenants are in charge of the units:

Patrol A and B, with day, mid-shift, and night shift sergeants and officers


Internal Affairs


Criminal Investigation Department (CID) with Special Investigation and Traffic sub-units with sergeants, traffic officers, detectives, and a property technician

Joining the Police

Any US citizen, who is between 21 and 44 years of age can take up the exam conducted to be eligible to join the department. Applicants for the exam must have a GED or high school diploma or at least 2 years of military duty with an honorable discharge. After completing the exam, fitness test, medical tests, and other evaluations are conducted. Final selection is based on exam results and the interview.

Lancaster Police Departments

Crime Reporting

Crimes, as well as general concerns of citizens, can be reported to the police. Emergencies can be reported to 911, else one can call the main phone of the department or visit the police station. The department has a facility, whereby citizens can provide anonymous tips. The form is available online at http://www.lancaster-tx.com/FormCenter/Police-Department-6/Anonymous-Tip-Form-47 and can be filled in and submitted without sharing personal details.

The department has a crime-stopper hotline on (873) 373 8477. Through this hotline, members of the public can report crimes and suspects. If the crime leads to an arrest or grand jury indictment, then the person making the report can get a reward.

The department has an online reporting system. The system can be used to report incidents of crime and other issues. Accidents can also be reported. The system can even be used to search for events. Searching for lost property is also possible online. http://www.lancaster-tx.com/513/Online-Reporting is the webpage to access the online reporting option.

Community Policing

The department has community policing where the police work with citizens to solve issues affecting the community. Some of the initiatives of the department include:

LPOC (Lancaster Police & Outreach Community), which offers various outreach programs. This includes a partnership with the Victim Relief Ministry to help victims of various crimes, including domestic abuse.

RAIDS Online is a crime mapping program that allows citizens to see crime maps and get alerts about crimes in their areas. It can be accessed from http://www.raidsonline.com/

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!