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Laredo Police Departments Information

The Laredo Police Departments is the agency that handles law enforcement activities in the city of Laredo, which is the county seat of Webb County in the state of Texas.

About the department

The City of Laredo Police Department has jurisdiction of a total area of 101.1 square miles. The department manages police operations in the city that has a population of 259,172. Laredo has a 95%+ population comprising Hispanic and Latino.

The Police Chief is the head of the Laredo Police Department. The department works under the city council. Chief Claudio Trevino Jr is the present Chief of police. There are 510 sworn officers working in the department. They are helped by 91 civilian staff.

The Laredo Police Department Address is:

4712 Maher Avenue

Laredo Texas 78041.

(956) 795 2800 is the department phone number to be contacted in case of any non-emergency situation. For any emergency citizens should call 911.

The Laredo Police Department Email address is not shared but citizens can contact the police online on https://www.laredopd.com/contact-us/

The Laredo Police Department’s website is https://www.laredopd.com/

Laredo Police departments

The Police department in Laredo city is headed by the Chief of Police. The following are the divisions and sections within the department:

  • The patrol division is responsible for patrol operations in the city to prevent crime and attend and calls or complaints. They are known as uniformed police services.
  • Traffic section handles traffic within the city. They enforce traffic laws and also investigate accidents.
  • Community engagement section works with the public to ensure crime prevention and make the city a safe place. There are a number of initiatives that are offered by the community section.
  • The Communication center is responsible for managing the 911 number and dispatch section and ensure timely response to call from citizens.
  • Police record section manages all records and also handles the online reports.
  • CAPERS team handles investigations into all crimes including homicides, robbery, death investigations, and assault.
  • Special investigation unit handles cases related to sexual assault, child abuse, sex offender registration, and domestic violence incidents.
  • JAGET (Juvenile and Gang Enforcement Team) is responsible for investigating offenses committed by juveniles. They also manage issues related to gangs and vandalism.
  • The Crimes against property section handles thefts, burglaries, fraud, and identity theft.
  • There is a separate auto theft task force that manages cases related to the theft of vehicles.
  • The Narcotics and Vice Section is responsible for handling cases related to narcotics and prostitution.

City of Laredo Police Department

Joining the police

Those interested in a career in law enforcement can join the police force in Laredo. The police department is an equal opportunity employer. Whenever there is a vacancy the department notifies the same along with the procedure for recruitment, eligibility, and other rules. Recruitments for the department is handled by the Human resources department of the city of Laredo. More information can be obtained from http://www.cityoflaredohr.com/

Laredo Crime Stoppers

Crime stoppers initiative is aimed at stopping crime by collecting timely information from the public so that action can be taken promptly. There are various crimes that can be reported online through the Laredo Crime Stoppers by visiting https://www.p3tips.com/tipform.aspx?ID=428

General crime information, Information on school bullying, information on wanted persons, information on any crime suspect, drugs-related complaints, information and tips, abuse complaints, and complaints related to dangerous weapons can be submitted online. The online form can be filled with all the details.

Code Red

Code Red is a Community notification program where citizens can fill a form online at https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/978785DDE345 and enroll themselves for alerts. They would receive any emergency alerts that help keep them informed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!