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Lexington Police Departments Information

The Lexington Police Department has a total force of 630 sworn police officers and an added 150 as civilian presence. Lexington Police Department swears by maintaining a high level of integrity, transparency, and dedication to policing.


The Bureau of Administration is comprised of the Training Section and Administrative Section.

The Training Section involves itself in 4 main functions namely, Recruiting, Police Training Academy, In-service training for officers who are already in the force and a Police Firing range.

The Administrative Section has a number of subsections like:
  • The Property and Evidence Unit
  • Planning and Analysis Unit
  • Technical Services
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • Central Records Unit
  • Chaplains Office

Lexington Police Departments

The Property and Evidence Unit:
  • Found Property: The lost and found property may not have an owner even after the property is with the Lexington Police Department for quite a while. Found property of any kind stays with the Police for 90 days after which it will dispose of.
  • Personal Property: Personal property confiscated upon arrest or at the scene of the crime are ready for release at the appropriate time. The officer at the scene usually provides an address that you can contact. The Property and Evidence Unit will write back providing information on when and where to retrieve the property.
  • Evidence: Items used as evidence during the trial will not be automatically released as and when the trial ends. It is only through attorneys that an order release signed by the judge can facilitate a release.
Citizen’s claiming property need to adhere to the following rules:
  • Items will be disposed of if not claimed within 90 days
  • Photo ID must be produced before obtaining the items
  • Firearms release will need a background check of the owner that receives the weapon
  • Release time is shortened if the case number is furnished. This will help to release the property without delay
  • Items such as bikes will need more retrieval time. You will have to call up the department to fix a time for receiving the property
  • While picking up items for another person, a notarized authorization letter, authorizing the person present to take possession of the property on behalf of the owner has to produced to the Property and Evidence Unit.
  • Citizens who are unable to collect the articles at the office of the Property and Evidence Unit can request the item be shipped to them for a fee. The number to be contacted in this case is (859) 268-0206.
Planning and Analysis Unit: The Planning and Analysis Unit functions to track, organize and analyze crime data and traffic data which are related to law enforcement. The unit also helps in the planning of policies, procedures, and programs.

Lexington Police

Technical Services: Technical service directly involves the police fleet, vehicle towing and impound information. A vehicle that is towed can be because of a traffic violation or because it was involved in some criminal activity. If the vehicle was part of criminal evidence, the release will be delayed and complicated. You will have to approach the investigating officer who was related to the case. He will have to sign a release form. This form must be emailed to the police departments outsource towing agency, Robert Towing who will call you on a particular date for signing release papers and paying due outstanding payments against storage fees, towing charges and other miscellaneous expenses incurred.

A driver’s license and proof of registration will be required to take possession of the vehicle.

Central Records Unit: The Central Records Unit simply deals with records related to several criminal subsections like Criminal Records and Background Checks, Accident and Collision information, Fingerprinting, Open Records Requests and information on Scrap Metal Dealers.

False Alarm Reduction Unit: Businesses and individuals using an alarm system will have to register with the False Alarm Reduction Unit.

Police Chaplain: The Lexington Police Department resembles a close-knit family and the police chaplain holds the responsibility of caring for the emotional and spiritual needs of police personnel and their families. The chaplain is always a police officer and also an ordained minister.


Lexington Police Department

150 E Main St,

Lexington, KY, 40507

Phone: (859) 258-3600

Email: police-chief@lexingtonpolice.ky.gov

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!