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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Minnesota?

The public police records in the state of Minnesota are maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) at the Criminal History System (CHS). This is the repository for information on persons arrested on misdemeanor, gross demeanor and felony charges and is utilized by the criminal justice associations for accessing data to assist in various legal procedures apart from helping in conducting background checks and providing invaluable material to researchers.

The criminal history records include information on all convictions and arrests. The arrest fingerprints are sent to the BCA and the data from the arrest is kept with the CHS. Generally, information on criminal convictions is available to the public for a period of fifteen years after the sentence is completed. The offense, its date, the court where convicted and date of conviction are all categorized as public data. A person’s arrest history is however not considered as public data.

All data categorized as public information is available to everyone. Every person can seek access to this data through the Data Practices Act. The law details procedures to enable the public to solicit such information. A data inventory has been provided to help the citizen get an indication of the nature of data available. The public will also get the information about the duration for which the data is maintained. This can be accessed at the BCA office or through any private internet connection. The information is available under the following categories

Minnesota Police Records

Types of information available

The Amber Alert under which information can be secured to recover a child who has been the victim of an abduction or kidnapping. All information necessary will be handed out to the maximum number of people to ensure the child is secure and that he is returned to his parents or guardians at the earliest.

The BCA also conducts background checks as required by law or provides information about the criminal history of an individual. Such requests can be made to the BCA in person or by mail. The organizations allowed such checks could include school authorities who plan to hire any individual, organizations which engage manpower for personal security, those that work with minors or children, the elderly or those that are physically or mentally incapacitated among others.

The owners of property that are provided on rent can also request such checks on potential employees who are allowed access to a tenant’s residence of property. Firefighters necessarily need to submit to a background check and those who have not stayed in Minnesota for five years are also subject to a federal check.

Minnesota public Police Records

The individuals whose criminal history is being investigated need to provide consent to allow the check.

Cold cases that have occurred in the past 50 years in the state including violent homicides, missing person and certain other cases that deal with the unidentified remains of any person are also part of this list. This helps the investigating agency to secure more information about the offender from the public. Citizens who have more information about cases registered as such can approach the organization for the same.

The Meth offender list offers information on the crime of individuals who have manufactured Methamphetamine or have shown intent for the same.

The Missing and Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse helps in finding missing minors and adults in the state. People who have recognized any person from the list could get in touch with the agency to provide information.

The crime watch program in the state provides information to make the lives of the citizenry more secure. Tips and information to prevent specific crimes have also been provided.

Information is also provided to citizens of predatory offenders. This helps them secure crucial information on individuals who have been categorized as non-compliant offenders.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!