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Moreno Valley Police Department: Information, Websites, Contact Information, and More

The Moreno Valley Police Department maintains law and order in Moreno Valley, California. The department works closely together with the community to not only deliver important information on public safety, but also to constantly develop and upgrade how the police department deals with crimes, and can better tackle crime in Moreno Valley.

An Introduction to the Moreno Valley Police Department

The City of Moreno Valley's Police Department has four divisions, aside from an administrative and a volunteering division. The Moreno Valley Police regularly invite people from the community to take part in their volunteering programs in an effort to both learn from the experience, as well as to help the community.

The administrative division of the police department mainly deals with support personnel and staff, and handle all matters related to management, record keeping, and administration. The other divisions include:

  • Detective Division: This division contains all the police officers who take part in investigations, deal with cases, handle reports, etc.
  • Patrol Division: Moreno Valley is divided into different areas by the police department, in an effort to ensure that every area is covered by an adequate number of personnel required to maintain peace in that area. The patrol division is responsible for these different areas, and work towards maintaining peace and security within the part of Moreno Valley allotted to them.
  • Special Enforcement Team: These include the personnel who work on specialized aspects of crime, and they mainly handle cases that fall within their area of expertise.
  • Traffic: This department is responsible for keeping the streets safe and maintaining the flow of traffic. Violations of traffic rules and regulations can also be handled by the traffic department.

These divisions work together to keep Moreno Valley safe from crime and criminal activity.

Moreno Valley Police Department

How do I get in touch with the Moreno Valley Police Department?

The Moreno Valley Police Department is available to everyone who is facing or has faced a crime, or anyone who needs a police record such as a background check, and even for general enquires. The police department can be reached either by visiting the department in person, calling them, sending an email or by visiting any of their many social media accounts and messaging them there.

If you are facing an emergency situation, then you have to dial 911. There is no guarantee that any of the other ways of accessing the police in Moreno Valley will help you, as many of the platforms, such as the email address or social media platforms, are not consistently monitored. Instead, you should call 911. It is an emergency service and you will always find someone who can help you as soon as possible.

For non-emergency scenarios, you can contact the Moreno Valley police department by calling 951-486-6700. If you are facing a situation that involves any of the following :

  • You want to report a stolen vehicle
  • You are aware of who the suspect is in a crime, or where they live
  • You want to report domestic violence where there is physical violence involved
City of Grand Rapids Police Department

For the aforementioned scenarios, you should call 951-776-1099 to report any information you have to a police officer.

The address of the Moreno Valley Police Department, for those who want to visit the headquarters, is:

22850 Calle San Juan De Los Lagos

Moreno Valley, CA 92553

You can also send an email to the police department, but please keep in mind that emails are not constantly monitored. The email id for the Moreno Valley police department is [email protected].

Website and Social Media for the Moreno Valley Police Department

The Moreno Valley police department's official website lists all the recent and relevant information on what the police department is working on, their successes and recognition, their volunteer programs and more details about the department and its work in Moreno Valley. The website also links to the police department's various social media accounts, including their account on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Aside from these, you can also use the website to report crime online. Only certain kinds of crimes can be reported, however, and these include theft, vandalism, either stealing or tampering a vehicle, burglary as well as harassment or threats made using a phone.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!