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Omaha Police Departments Information

The Omaha Police Department is often called the OPD. The Omaha Police Department is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The OPD has been nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. The OPD also stands as the largest serving police department in the entire state of Nebraska.

About Omaha Police Department

The City of Omaha Police Department is constituted of over 850 sworn-in police officers. The OPD serves the entire city of Omaha and monitors a coverage area of 118.9 square miles. The Omaha Police Department takes up the responsibility of providing protection to a population of over 446, 599 people (2014 census).

As of now, Police Chief Todd Schmaderer serves as the Chief of Police. He was first appointed to this post in the year 2012. In the state of Omaha, the different police chiefs are appointed based on the department of police they will serve. These departments include – Uniform Patrol Bureau, Criminal Investigations Bureau, Police Services Bureau, Executive Services Bureau, and the Professional Standards Bureau.

The Omaha Police Department is divided into four major precincts. The division of the police department into precincts allows the police officers to patrol each division with utmost diligence. The Omaha Police Department precincts are divided as per their area – Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. Additionally, the Omaha Police Department has appointed a separate security force for the airport. The Omaha Airport Authority Police Department is a separate agency that looks after the security at the Eppley Airfield, the primary airport that serves Greater Omaha and the region.

Omaha Police Departments
The Omaha Police Department has different units that work on specialized areas of crime. These units are formed to tackle one area of crime in particular – including scouting for criminal activity and conducting investigations for crimes.
The different units under the Omaha Police Department are - Air Unit, Burglary Unit, Auto Theft Unit, Fraud Unit, Pawn and Salvage, Felony Assault Unit, Emergency Response Unit (SWAT), Fugitive Squad, Gang Unit, Homicide Unit, K-9 Unit, Bomb Squad, Internal Affairs Unit, Narcotics Unit, Organized Crime Squad, Robbery Unit, Special Victims Unit (Child Abuse/Neglect), Traffic Unit, and Vice Squad.

The vision of the Omaha Police Department

The Omaha Police Department believes in a city that is safe and friendly for families, one that is free of criminal activity, every day of every year. The Omaha Police Department has a vision to – reduce crime and fear of crime, improve public confidence and transparency, ensure maximum efficiency through resource and technology allocation, enhanced customer service, personal and professional growth of employees – that includes mental and physical well-being of the police officers.

Citizen Services

The Omaha Police Department offers a wide range of services for the welfare and safety of its citizens. These services include - Background Checks (Criminal Histories), Finger Printing, Victim Assistance, Handgun Registration, Intrusion Alarm Information, Impound Lot, Request a Copy of a Police Report (such as car accidents, other crime reports etc. ), Omaha Police Department Public Records Requests (such as Freedom of Information Requests), Honor Guard, Sex Offender Registry, Project Harmony, and Permits.

Omaha Police
Omaha Police Department Website Information

If you wish to find out more about the Omaha Police Department and the services offered, you can visit police.cityofomaha.org

Omaha Police Department Address

If you wish to visit the main Omaha Police Department, you can come down to the following address –

Omaha Police Department

505 South 15th Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68102

Omaha Police Department Phone Number

In case of emergencies, you can contact 911. If you wish to directly contact the Omaha Police Department, you can call on (402)444-5600. You can also write a message to the police department on the Contact Us page of the Omaha Police Department’s official website – police.cityofomaha.org

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!