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Oxnard Police Department Information

The City of Oxnard Police Department, located in Oxnard, California believes that working with the community and gaining the trust of the public is the most efficient way of nipping crime at its bud and ensuring a safer city for its people. The Police Department of Oxnard has the view that a strong sense of work ethics, in tandem with partnership from the community is the perfect way of ensuring that the city has reverence for laws, its makers and upholders.

The core values of the Oxnard Police Department can be summed up with the following aspects:

  • Honesty and integrity, both towards their jobs and towards the people of Oxnard.
  • Respect of the cultural diversity between the community at large, and among the sworn officers in particular.
  • A strong work ethic, with the focus to upholding the sanctity of law above all else.
  • Value of the trust that the public has placed on the police, and respect of that trust.

Oxnard Police Departments
Oxnard Police Department Programs and Services

The Oxnard Police Department has several programs that it conducts for the welfare of the community, in partnership with the citizens of Oxnard. Some of the community programs are listed below:

Neighborhood Councils: Several neighborhood councils across the city, in association with the Oxnard Police, are working to make Oxnard a cleaner and safer space for all. The government currently aims to establish neighborhood councils all over the city. Neighborhood councils participate in patrols and bring down rates of crime, littering, and tagging in their community. Residents in neighborhood councils help bring stability to those areas which are not easily accessible to the police.

Citizen’s Academy: This program is a way for the people of Oxnard to learn more about their police departments, and how they function on an everyday basis. Under the Citizen’s Academy Program, people learn about many aspects which relate to the police, including their patrol divisions, K9 Units, community relationships, etc.

Volunteer in Police Services (VIPS): The VIPS was created in 2008 to let the average citizen help the police in serving the community. Volunteers help in non- hazardous situations, such as traffic control, parades, driver’s license checkpoints, crime prevention, community outreach, patrols, translation services from Spanish, and help the police track down and identify missing people, among others.

Police Explorer Program: The Police Explorer Program is directed towards teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14- 21, in order to get them acquainted with what it is like living every day as a police officer. This program is a great stepping stone for people who are interested in having a career as a police officer. The various things that explorers learn on this program include physical fitness, character development, patriotism, and good citizenship. In addition, explorers are also used to help assist the police in special events, community programs, child fingerprinting, traffic control, and drunk driving checkpoints. The Explorer program is a perfect link between the youth of the community and the police, and also helps in alleviating common fears about law enforcement officers.

Oxnard Police Department
Oxnard Police Department Address

251, South ‘C’ Street, Oxnard 93030, California.

Oxnard Police Department Phone Number

For any emergencies, please contact 911 or (805) 486- 1663. For any non - emergency related issue, contact the Oxnard Police at (805) 385- 7600 (Police Department) or (805) 385- 7740 (Dispatch).

Oxnard Police Department Website


Oxnard Police Department Email

The Oxnard Police do not have a single department email id. If you need to make an online complaint, proceed to https://www.oxnardpd.org/report-a-crime/. In addition, the individual email ids of all the sworn officers of the Oxnard Police can be found at https://www.oxnardpd.org/email-directory/.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!