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Palmdale Police Departments Information

Palmdale Police Department Address - 38250 Sierra Highway, 2nd Floor Palmdale, CA 93550

City Name Palmdale

Contact Number - 661/267-5181, 661/267-5554 (Fax)

Email ld - NA

Working hours - Operational from Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am-6 pm; Day-off: Friday

Palmdale Police department and Los Angles County share most of the city's emergency services together and directly report to Palmdale Sheriff's Station. Moreover, the Sheriff's Station is situated near 750 E. Avenue Q at the corner of Avenue Q and Sierra Highway. There are separate lines meant for emergency and non-emergency services. Emergency service assistance can be availed by dialing 911 whereas you can reach for non-emergency services on 661/272-2400.

Day-by-day crime rates are alarmingly increasing within the city limits of Palmdale. Therefore, Palmdale Police Department has launched online as well as offline facilities for reporting criminal and suspicious activities. Thereby, ensuring the safety of the general public. And reporting of crime is considered to be the topmost priority for the officials of Palmdale Police Department.

Palmdale Police Departments
Why is Reporting of Crime Important?

An offensive act which is punishable by law can be termed as crime or criminal activity. Crime against innocent citizens or minor's unacceptable by law. So reporting of an assault or any kind of crime becomes very important from the safety point of view. Some of important aspects of reporting about a crime are listed below:

  1. It gives helpful direction for the criminal investigators in analyzing various aspects of the crime, interrogates suspects, crime scene, detains the culprits, etc.
  2. Error-free crime trends can come to light.
  3. Precise calculations of the level of criminal activities within the city limits
  4. Helps the law enforcement officials in interrogating the suspects relating to theft, property or assault activities.
  5. To create awareness among the criminals that every crime is punishable.
  6. To keep the public acquainted regarding the increase in criminal activities in and around our neighborhood. Also to make them realize that criminal activities should not be supported but to be punished.
  7. To encourage the general public to turn-up for reporting any kind of criminal or suspicious activity in their vicinity.

It is not necessary that you need to personally visit the Police Department for reporting about a crime. Palmdale Police Department has also started an online facility for reporting criminal activities. Therefore, you can contact directly to the Sheriff's Department under the following circumstances:

  1. Theft or misplacing electronic gadgets like mobile, tablet or laptop costing in and around $1000
  2. Illegally possessing property worth $1000 or more
  3. Damaging property by spraying, scribbling or destructing a particular portion of the property. And the damaged value is not less than $500.
  4. Robbing unlocked vehicle valued in between $1000- $1500
  5. Burglary of valuable things either by trespassing or in an unsecured area. And the assets are stolen are worth $950 or less.
  6. Supplemental loss pertaining to property or insurance. You must have an LASD report number while reporting criminal activities under this category.
 City of Palmdale Police Department

Palmdale federal organization has launched various programs to curb criminal activities in around the city limits. They have also launched an LASD mobile app. Active programs like Nixel and Crime stoppers have yielded beneficial results in minimizing crimes.

Crime Stoppers is a program designed to get rid of criminal conspiracies with the help of community members. The team of members which include anonymous people from the community as well as media professionals. The identity of members remains concealed with the agencies. The federal agencies also provide rewards for passing important information regarding the criminal or crime scene.

Nixle is a website designed to create awareness among community residents and schools. Nixle members get alerts relating to missing people, traffic updates, weather forecast details and events taking place in and around the vicinity. To receive alerts you need to text your area's zip code with your mobile number and send it to the local agency number.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!