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Providence Police Departments Information

The City of Providence police department utilizes the online channel to connect with citizens of the city, enable them to report crimes faster, and respond to crime situations with more efficiency. The department maintains efficient and robust online systems to handle crimes of varying nature.

Providence police department assures transparency, and public awareness and safety, by permitting access to crime data through its up-to-date case records and arrest logs online.

There are individual Providence police departments to handle different crimes and internal matters. The department has a well-structured guide to its departments, policies, and procedures that is available for public view subject to legal provisions of access to public records.

Providence Police Department Address
and Other Contact Information

The physical address of the Providence Police Department is:

325, Washington Street

Providence 02903


The phone number for emergencies: 911

Phone Number for non-emergencies: 401 272 3121

Phone contact of Providence Police chief office: 410 243 6401

A list of other key phone numbers of Providence police department is available here.

Providence Police Department Email
: jpryde@providenceri.gov

City of Providence Police Department
Website Address: http://www.providenceri.gov/police-department/

Providence Police Departments

City of Providence Police Department Online Reporting System

The department maintains an online system that allows citizens to report non-emergency crime situations. Submitting the report online is easy and is valid if the citizen is submitting a report on any of the following kinds of crimes:

o Crimes in which suspects are unknown

o Crimes that do not involve any kind of domestic violence

o Crimes in which physical evidence is not available at the crime scene

o Crimes that do not involve lost prescription medicines or firearms

o Other crimes including:

  • Lost Property
  • Harassment calls
  • Vandalism
  • Credit card frauds
  • Theft including vehicle part theft, mail or other package theft, and theft of identity

o In case a crime is not similar to any of the above, the citizen can call 401 272 3121 for assistance from the department.

All reports submitted through the department’s online police system are reviewed. In the case of reported crimes that warrant further investigation, the citizen reporting the crime is contacted.

City of Providence Police Department
Self-Reporting of Accidents

The city of Providence police department provides an online system for citizens looking to report a car accident that occurred on private property. This system can be used under the following conditions:

  • The accident occurred on private property and does not involve any city vehicles
  • The accident is a non-emergency situation
  • There are no injuries
  • There does not seem to be any criminal intent

The PVD311 System

This is an assistance system that citizens can use to inform the Providence police department regarding any issue of concern. The PVD311 application can be downloaded on a smartphone for use 24/7.

The subject raising an issue must select the issue of concern from the most relevant categories available in the system. He/ she has to choose the location of the issue and give more details. The issue will be made public by making it visible to all if specified so by the user. Otherwise, it remains private.

Citizens can keep track of their complaints or view issues raised by others if such issues have been permitted to be made public by the respective user.

A user needs to have an online login account to be able to track the progress on reported issues through the PVD311 app. In the absence of such an account, the user has to use the service request number issued to him/ her during the process for issue tracking. The user can receive updates by making a call to 401 421 CITY (press 2489).

Weekly Crime Reports and Logs

If any citizen wished to know or keep track of the crimes in the city in the past week, he or she can access the department’s list of weekly crime reports. The report gives statistics of crimes in the city in the week that went by, along with the type of crime, crime patterns and trends, and analysis, in all the policing districts.

The police department website also provides arrest and case logs that list all recorded arrests and crimes in the city in the past 30 days and 180 days respectively.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!