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Salt Lake City Police Departments Information

Salt Lake City is the capital of the state of Utah. It also happens to be the most populated city in Utah with an estimated population of a little over 1 million people. The Salt Lake City Police Department has its headquarters located in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Salt Lake City Police Departments have two bureaus namely the Administrative Bureau and the Operations Bureau directly controlled by the office of the Police Chief. However, each of these bureaus is commanded by a Deputy of Police. Each bureau has further sub-divisions of 7 each. In addition to the two bureaus, there are also distinct divisions with the Salt Lake City Department which are the Special Operations, Investigations, Support and Professional Standards division. Each division has an officer, equivalent to the rank of a captain managing its everyday activities.

The Investigation Division: The Investigation Division is aligned to investigate, identify and prosecute criminal offenders. Evidence leading to the crime can come from testimonies of witnesses, forensic analysis and footage derived from closed-circuit camera present at the scene of the crime.

The Investigation Division is comprised of two units namely the Person Crime Unit and the Property Crime Unit. The person crime unit deals with investigations connected to domestic violence, homicide, robbery and sex crimes. The Property Crime Unit deals with offenses in property crimes, auto theft, financial crimes, and accident investigators.

The Professional Standards Division: The Salt Lake City Police Academy, the Training Unit for Officers and the Internal Affairs Unit come under the Professional Standards Division. The Salt Lake City Police Department boasts of its own police academy that trains candidates who will be eventually inducted into the police force upon graduation.

The Internal Affairs Unit was set up to monitor corruption in Police ranks and to ensure officer accountability and professional conduct.

Salt Lake City Police Departments

The Support and Professional Division: The Support Division provides overall support and logistics to other operational teams. The Support Division comprises of fleet coordinators, radio specialists, tech systems coordinator, body cameras and the technology coordinator.

Special Operations: The Special Operations comprises of a Narcotics Task Force dealing with drug crimes, interstate drug trafficking, and related investigations. The Task Force is headed by a captain and six detectives.

Salt Lake City Police Department Programs:

Citizens Academy: The Salt Lake City Police Department helps citizens get acquainted with the day to day functions of the Police Department through a Citizen’s Academy Program. Here, citizens are informed on patrol tactics, defensive tactics, firearms and other subjects related to Police activity. Citizens get to meet and exchange ideas and suggestions with law enforcement professionals, academy instructors, and veterans.

Community Intelligence Unit: The idea behind the Community Intelligence Unit is to nip the offense in the bud much before it erupts into a full-fledged crime. Community Intelligence Unit officers gather the community together to glean and understand possible drug dealers in the area, loud parties, and graffiti offenses. This helps develop trust between the Police and the community thereby tackling public safety issues effectively.

Salt Lake City Police Department Volunteer Corps: The Volunteer Corps consists of civilians trained and authorized by the police to patrol different parts of the city. The safety of the city is not the sole responsibility of the police but rather has to be shared by its citizens. The community can partner with the police department in reporting, problem-solving and effectively combating crime.

To join the Volunteer Corp, you can write to SLCDOutreach@slcgov.com. Phone number is (801)799-3367

Salt Lake Police Department Address
Contact details of Salt Lake City Police Department:


475 South 300 East,

P.O.Box 145497

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Emergency / Non Emergency

911 801-799-3000

File a Police Report at:


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!