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San Francisco Police Departments Information

San Francisco, formally City and County of San Francisco and popularly referred to as SF is one of the major cities in the Golden State of California (CA). A flourishing and celebrated urban center, San Francisco is regarded as a prominent commercial, the cultural and economic hub of the Pacific Region state of California. With a population of over 883,305 San Franciscans (as of 2018), San Francisco is the second most thickly settled city in the United States of America after New York.

Generally, San Francisco is considered one of the happiest cities in the United States based on an assortment of factors that include appeal, leisure industry, shopping plazas, economic performances, and entertainment opportunities. The function of the San Francisco Police Department, colloquially SFPD is decisive in terms of maintaining the city of San Francisco safe and secure. Being one of the most magnanimous police department in the United States, the San Francisco police department is committed to providing service with understanding, compassionate response, operation with integrity and ensuring obedience to the laws with vision

San Francisco Police Departments
Notable Events in San Francisco Police Department History

  • 1849 - SFPD began police operations during the Gold Rush
  • 1850 - A police officer and jail were set up in the city hall (erstwhile the Graham House Hotel)
  • 1853 - Ordinance No. 466 passed for the reorganization of the San Francisco police department
  • 1856 - First chief of San Francisco police elected
  • The 1880s - The Chinatown Squad was established
  • 1889 - The department established a patrol wagon/call box for officers to call their stations to get quick backup
  • The 1890s - The San Francisco police department was reorganized, the rank of police lieutenant was first created
  • 1900 - San Francisco city authorities took the control of the San Francisco police department
  • The 1920s and 30s - Challenging times of SFPD due to labor agitation, prohibitions, and law-breaking
  • The 1940s and 50s - SFPD dealt with new kind of crime, state of disorder involving group violence and gangdom
  • The 1960s and 70s - Turbulent times of SFPD, social unrest, hippie movement, race riots, university demonstrations
  • The 1980s and 90s - Regarded as the most progressive time of the San Francisco police department, SFPD joined hands with the community in making the city safe and secure
  • 1997 - The San Francisco International Airport Police merged with the San Francisco Police Department, and now called as the SFPD Airport Bureau
  • 2000 - SFPD was named as the 11th largest police department in the United States of America
  • 2014 - Mikayla Connell, the first transgender officer was graduated from the San Francisco Police Academy

Structure and Divisions of San Francisco Police Department

The San Francisco Police Department is led by a Chief of Police who is assisted by two assistant chiefs and five deputy chiefs. The department is comprised of six police bureaus which are Chief of Staff, Administration Bureau, Professional Standards and Principled Policing Bureau, Field Operations Bureau, Special Operations Bureau, and Airport Bureau. Each police division may have further police subdivisions and units.

San Francisco Police Department Address

Police Headquarters

1245 3rd Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

General Phone: 1-415-837-7000

San Francisco Police Department

Telephone Numbers of Major San Francisco Police Stations

  • Bayview: 1-415-671-2300
  • Central: 1-415-315-2400
  • Ingleside: 1-415-404-4000
  • Mission: 1-415-558-5400
  • Northern: 1-415-614-3400
  • Park: 1-415-242-3000
  • Richmond: 1-415-666-8000
  • Southern: 1-415-575-6000
  • Taraval: 1-415-759-3100
  • Tenderloin: 1-415-345-7300
  • Emergency - 9-1-1
  • Non-Emergency - 1-415-553-0123
  • Anonymous Tip Line - 1-415-575-4444
  • San Francisco City Services & Questions - 3-1-1

San Francisco Police Department Emails:

  • Community Engagement Division -SFPDcommunityRelations@sfgov.org
  • Media Relations Unit - SFPDmediaRelations@sfgov.org
  • Bayview Station - SFPDBayviewStation@sfgov.org
  • Central Station - SFPDCentralStation@sfgov.org
  • Ingleside Station - SFPDInglesideStation@sfgov.org
  • Mission Station - SFPDMissionStation@sfgov.org
  • Northern Station - SFPDNorthernStation@sfgov.org
  • Park Station - SFPDParkStation@sfgov.org
  • Richmond Station - SFPDRichmondStation@sfgov.org
  • Southern Station - SFPDSouthernStation@sfgov.org
  • Taraval Station - SFPDTaravalStation@sfgov.org
  • Tenderloin Station - SFPDTenderloinStation@sfgov.org

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!