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Stockton Police Departments Information

Stockton is a city in California and unfortunately has alarmingly high crime records. But the Stockton police departments have seamlessly worked hard to control the crime rate and instill courage in its fellow citizens. The Stockton police department came into existence in1850. Since then the team has grown leaps and bounds and every officer in the team is committed to the security of the residents of the Stockton city. With more than 3 million populations to cover, the 400 sworn-in officers and 150 standby officers are always on their toes fulfilling their duty-bound by local, state and federal laws.

Stockton Police Department General Information

The Chief of Police is Eric Jones. Under him, there is 2 deputy chief in charge. The team then divides into captains and lieutenants and sergeants. The most amazing aspect of the SPD is that they have more than 150 civilians in their police squad. Also, they have 130 volunteers who step in during calamity situations and assist the patrol officers. The SPD has the biggest vehicle fleet with 282 marked vehicles and 7 evidence vans. The SPD also has a very well established telecommunication system in place through which tracking activities are performed with perfection. According to the Stockton police, the team depends on prediction models that help to narrow down criminal activities in downtown. They also have a violence prevention law in place that was passed in the year 2012 that focuses mainly on reducing street crime and gang wars.

Stockton Police Departments
Stockton Police Department Contact information

The Stockton police department Address is


22 E Weber Av

Stockton, CA 95202


22 E Market St

Stockton CA 95202

The Stockton Police Department Email address is not directly available on the SPD website. One can visit this contact us page and submit feedback to the police department and also update them on the crimes happening in the neighborhood. If anyone wishes to apply for joining the Stockton police force, they can write at Pamela.summerville@stocktonca.gov. Currently, the recruitment drive is on full throttle and hence SPD is welcoming enthusiastic youngsters with open arms. For more assistance on phone numbers, click here

Stockton Police Department Website

The City of Stockton police department has an interesting website that is user-friendly and rich in visuals. The home page can be reached at


It has an informative landing page that has a quick access menu on the top and quick links to important sites on the left side. If any resident wishes to take part in community activities, they can contact the PD and also volunteer themselves. If there are any tips for the PD, they can fill it on the online form and also one can pay their fees for a parking violation or signal jump directly in the website.

The police events are published throughout the year. The SPD is active on its social media handles too. One can tag the SPD and record complaints related to gang wars or even violation of public rights.

City of Stockton Police Department
Stockton Police Department Interesting activities

Community events are frequently conducted by the Stockton Police Departments to create peace and harmony among the public and police officers. Though the SPD has a citizen advisory committee, the interaction between the public and officers are always not smooth. Unless the residents consider the lawmakers as their close associates, they do not open up about neighborhood problems. Hence events like

  • Coffee with police
  • Cocoa with cops
  • Police in parts
  • law enforcement appreciation day
  • memorial march
  • pets and stray animal shelter programs
  • SPD public events etc. are conducted that will create a bridge between enthusiastic youngsters and the diligent police officers of Stockton. These casual relationships help the officers to solve cases quickly with utmost support.

Stockton police officers are duty-bound and professional. Being the 13th most populous city in California, Stockton has a high crime rate. However, with their innovative techniques and community help, the SPD is trying to keep crime in control and protect their residents.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!