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Syracuse Police Departments Information

Be it Christmas or New Year, nothing makes a difference to a diligent police officer. Protecting the residents of the state and keeping the crime rate intact in the city is the first responsibility of every officer who enrolls himself/herself into the police force. The Syracuse Police Departments have infused this ideology of community policing in their training programs. With the help of such thoughtful training and a handful of eager citizens who are ready to help their police department, the Syracuse police force is always ready to work in unison with fellow residents and create a safer society in Syracuse and surroundings.

General Information- Mission

The Syracuse Police has 100 percent law enforcement as their motto. The SPD strictly follows federal state and local laws and also educate the community about budding crimes and how to stay safe. The chief of police, Kenton T Buckner reports to the Mayor directly. He heads the administration and operations team. He and the team have the greatest responsibility of the planning, procuring and organizing the task force so that every department has adequate resources to do the assigned duties. The chief of police and his supervisors also help in

  • Performing budgeting activities for the SPD
  • Creating legal standards and code of conduct for SPD
  • Maintenance of the office of public relations

Each team has their own sergeants, captains, civilians and public officers working under a supervisor. These teams’ works hand in hand with citizen advisory groups who are the connecting force between the police officers and the residents of the city. The best part of the community policing is when any discussion for the betterment of the city is convened be it working on improving the roads or even imposing law on late-night parties- the police team and the community advisors work together to brainstorm and come to a common consensus.

Syracuse Police Departments
Syracuse Police Department Contact information

The Syracuse Police Department Address is:

511 S, State Street

Syracuse NY 13202

Phone: 315-442-5111

To contact the chief of police or any other important department, here is a directory of all the phone numbers (click here). For any emergency contact, one can ring up to 911.

The Syracuse Police Department Email address can be obtained by calling the information help desk at 315- 422-5200. The emails regarding complaints or any service improvement requests are studied by the SPD and immediate action is reflected within 15 working days.

City of Syracuse Police Department

Syracuse Police Department Website

It is very important for the public to be aware of how crime is kept under control by the hardworking and diligent police officers. The SPD has an interesting website is https://www.syracusepolice.org/index.asp

This website is user-friendly and all the important links needed for citizens are mentioned in the landing page itself. From the website, one can reach to the various bureaus namely

  • Uniform bureau
  • Investigations bureau
  • Support services bureau etc.

If anyone wants to access police records or apply for a job in SPD, they can find the forms and adequate details on the website.

Syracuse Police Department Interesting Activities

The city of Syracuse police department takes care of its public by arranging interesting community activities wherein the police team and the citizens partake with equal zeal and enthusiasm. Some of the activities that have been received happily by the people of Syracuse are:

  • Fallen heroes – in this memorial service, the fallen Syracuse police officers are respected and their sacrifice is talked about with respect.
  • Officer of the month- in this activity the best patrol officer is chosen and is felicitated among the entire team and citizen advisory council
  • Syracuse truce – this is a community service where new ideas are brainstormed for reducing street crimes and gang wars. For more information on this, one can click here

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!