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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Texas?

If you want to know about someone’s civil conduct or criminal involvement, police records could just be the solution. These are official documents and reveal a whole lot of information about the persons on record. Any act that violates the state law is a police matter and it forms a record when the police are called to deal with the same.

In the United States, while several states allow free and easy access to the public to the police records, there are some states that pose certain restrictions. If you are in Texas and want to know the procedure involved in obtaining police records, the following sections are for you.

Why you might need police records: Common reasons

  • You are hiring a person to take care of your family’s domestic needs and want to ensure the individual poses no threat to you and your dear ones.
  • You are in the process of searching a lost relative
  • You have met a new business person and want to know his background before building business relations with him.
  • You want an official police report about yourself that you can use for official documentation, personal and other purposes.
  • Legal professionals would time and again require police records about individuals for legal reasons.
  • You want to ensure that your new neighbor is good and has no record of criminal involvement in the past.
Texas Police Records

How to obtain Police records in Texas?

As per the Government Code of Texas (Chapter 552), better known as the Texas Public Information Act, the residents of the state have the right to access government documents, including Police reports. While the transportation code releases reports relating to accidents and prescribes fees for obtaining copies of the same, the cost of open records is set by the Texas Administrative Code. In short, you can get public police records in Texas by paying a fee for the services.


Complete the Police report request form, self-address with a stamped envelope and send it along with a money order payable to San Antonio Police Department Records Office. These documents are available for sale all through San Antonio, which includes SAPD headquarters and community link centers. The cost of the record depends upon what kind of record you want and the number of copies.

In Texas:

  • You need to pay $6/copy for an accident report.
  • For offense and incident reports, it will cost you 10 cents/page for the first 50 pages
  • Records containing over 50 pages will cost $18/hour and an additional 10 cents/page

Police records that are over 2 years are maintained in the Archives, stored in an efficient off-site facility. Certified reports will cost an additional $2 but take note, these cannot be accessed at the Link centers. Credit cards and checks are accepted at the Link center areas.

Texas Public police Records
Texas Police records online

Police records can now be obtained online in Texas. You can get the records and view them in private by sitting in the comfort of your home, without giving the least idea about your activity to any third party.

  • Find a legitimate online search website that provides the search service with a money-refund guarantee, in case your record is not found.
  • Pay the fee online and get your record with a few simple clicks.

It is fast, convenient and efficient than any other method of retrieving records.

It is important to know the others around you in order to avoid possible threats, losses or attacks in the future. Texas police record search is simple and just addresses your concerns.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!