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How to Find Public Police Records in the State of Wisconsin?

Police records are official documents that contain information relating to the violations and offenses committed by the people. Each state in the United States holds and maintains police records for events that happened within its jurisdiction and makes the same available to the general public for viewing. The same applies to the state of Wisconsin; anyone residing in the state can access public records, including police records, whatever the reason. However, there is a certain procedure to be followed which is discussed in the following sections.

Police records contain the offender’s full name, the offense for which he is charged, bail amount, court date among several other details. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for arrest records, mugshots, warrants, civic violations or Probation, police records can cater to all these searches efficiently.

Wisconsin Police Records
Why do you need Police Records?

  • You want to check the character and conduct of your new neighbor.
  • You love your family and want to provide the best care possible; you want to conduct a background check on your potential domestic helper.
  • You are an HR professional and often required to conduct a background check before employing people for your organization.
  • You are a legal professional and your job time and again requires police records to present them as proof in certain cases. They may also serve other purposes such as determining the character, truthfulness, and reliability of the person.
  • Personal reasons

How to obtain Police Records in Wisconsin?

Police records are public records in Wisconsin. If you are searching for police reports in the state, it is to be noted here that they are easy to obtain but juvenile records, sealed and expunged records are not available due to privacy laws.

You can a walk-in person to place your order or mail the record request form along with the fee in a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you are not a registered local user and searching the record on a one-time basis, the fee is $18. You can contact the following address for accessing police records in the state of Wisconsin:

Records Check Unit

P.O. Box 2688

Madison, Wisconsin 53701

You are required to pay the fixed fee and you will not receive a refund even if your record cannot be traced. After placing the record request with the Records Check Unit of the state, you need to wait for at least 7-10 days to get a response.

The procedure is quite simple but the only thing is that you cannot expect your money back if your record is not found. The state agency is efficient and the records unit searches accurate. However, if you want quick results, you are advised to look up online.

Wisconsin Public police Records

Wisconsin Police Records Online

The Internet has made things easy. Now, you can access police records of your friend, neighbor, relative, business partner or employee by looking online. There are a number of online sites in Wisconsin that provide search service for a nominal fee. You can choose any legitimate site and get the police report in no time.

  • Choose a genuine online search firm
  • Register with your details such as name and email address
  • Make an online payment and provide details of the person on record
  • Get your report on your email address within moments

You can check the online police record sitting in your office or home, in complete privacy. Go through the true information and make wise decisions; if the person on record has a criminal past, stay away to prevent potential threats, losses or attacks. However, if the report is clean, you can go ahead with the person according to your requirements.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!