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Worcester Police Departments Information

Statistics confirm that the crime rate in the City of Worcester is around 30% which makes the city rank 17th in the safest cities of the United States. This feat is achieved because of the uncompromising work of the Worcester Police Departments (WPD). Along with chief police officer Steve Sargent the men and women police officers of the WPD work around the clock with close cooperation from the Worcester residents.

General Information- the Team

The Worcester police force under Steve Sargent is divided into.

  • Administrative Division

Sean J. Fleming’s team is trained to manage the training of officers, record bookkeeping and other off-duty assignments of the WPD. If officers want to retire hurt or avail sick leave or long time leave, this department handles the inquiries and helps its officers to manage their work-life balance.

  • Investigations Division

This team is trained by Mark Roche and they are responsible for handling investigations related to cases like murder, extortion, etc. Also, this division manages departments like evidence management, forensic services, narcotics, homicides, gang crimes, etc. Firearm licensing and liquor licensing is managed by this team.

Worcester Police Departments

  • Profession Standards Division

This team’s main function is to ensure the robust and diligent WPD works with full integrity towards the city’s law and order.

  • Operations

Paul B Saucer’s operations team is active 24/7 and has close surveillance on Worcester public schools. Also whenever an emergency situation arises, the relief operations are spearheaded by this team for the Worcester Police Department.

  • Services

With Edward J.McGinn assigned as deputy chief, the services division manages the detention services, accident inquiries, vehicles management, traffic control, maintenance, and support services.

Worcester Police Department Interesting Activities

Many times, when crimes occur, people refrain from contacting the police due to an inherent fear. To bridge the gap between a policeman and a civilian the Worcester Police have created community programs. In these programs, the police department personnel work along with the residents of Worcester and take part in activities that involve teamwork. Such activities are planned to build trust and connect with civilians. Some of the interesting community activities are:

  • Camera registration.
  • Community police.
  • Neighborhood meetings.
  • Violence and street fight prevention.
  • Animal shelter.
  • Licensing firearms.
  • Special Mounted Patrol Unit where the WPD has in-house horses who are trained to do the customary patrolling activity namely traffic control, neighborhood patrol, search operations, rescue missions and also community engagement activities.

Worcester Police Departments
Worcester Police Department Contact Information

The Worcester Police Department Address is:


9-11 Lincoln Square

Worcester, MA 01608

Phone Number

508-799-8600 (emergency dial-in number).

F: 508-799-8680

The WPD is open 24X7 and the residents of the City of Worcester can avail the help anytime by dialing the emergency contact number namely 911. The Worcester Police Department Email inbox can be reached by clicking on the EmailUs hyperlink listed in the contact information box in the following webpage



The Worchester Police department has a beautifully designed user-friendly website namely http://www.worcesterma.gov/police

The WPD has also designed a mobile application and their social media presence in Facebook twitter etc. is commendable. The website looks refreshing with pictures, press release information, timings and details about neighborhood meetings and clear insight to the different community programs and resident-friendly initiatives that the City of Worcester Police Department has planned for its citizens. First-time users can use the frequently asked questions section at the end of the page. If the website is not working, one can reach the customer service line at 508-929-1300.

The WPD wishes the best for their resident children and adults and they always keep a close vigil on the crime rate of the City of Worcester.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!