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Prism Bills and Personal Finance Reviews

by Michael E.

Prism Financial App Review, Prism App Review

Prism Finance App Review: Everything about Prism Savings App!

Personal finance apps allow people to keep track of their expenses and plan the best budget for them. There are several such finance apps that you can download and use from wherever you are, and Prism is one of them. The easy to use app can help you get your bills under control, and now it's time to learn more about Prism with a full review of the app and user reviews.

What is Prism Bills and Personal Finance?

Prism is a personal finance app that is meant to help users to manage their bills and view how much bills they pay every month. There are other money management apps, like Mint, that also help users keep track of their bills, but they have other features. Prism bills and personal finance, on the other hand, is dedicated mostly to bill management. Also, Prism does not have a desktop app, like other similar services, so you can only download Prism to your phone. There is no web app for Prism too, so your phone is your connection to the app.

Prism Financial App Review

To use the app, you need to first download it to your phone, sign up, and link your billing accounts; thanks to the app, you can link your cable, gas, internet, water, electricity, and other bills you pay regularly. Afterward, you will need to link your payment accounts, meaning the accounts you use to pay your monthly bills. You can link several payment accounts, including your checking account and credit card accounts, so you will have all your bills and payment methods in one place.

Once all the bill and payment method data are linked on Prism bills and personal finance, the app will monitor your bills instead of you. Whenever a new bill comes in, you will get a notification about it with the help of Prism's push notifications. You can also schedule bill payments so that nothing gets left behind, and you won't have any pending bills.

You can also pay the bills immediately, especially considering the fact that the app does not use third-party payment methods. Thanks to this method, you will be able to pay bills right away and not have delays in payments. To top it all off, Prism is a free app, so you won't have additional payments aside from your bills.

Prism App Review

How to Use Prism?

Whenever a bill comes into your Prism bills and personal finance account, a bill pay screen will appear with the details of the bill. The billing screen is divided into four parts when the top row displays the amount of the bill. Then, you will be able to pay the full amount of the bill or a part if it.

You can also pay a minimum amount of money or a custom amount. The second row of the bill screen lets you pick the day of the bill payments, so you can choose when money will come out of one of your accounts to pay the bill. You can choose to pay the bills on their due date or several days before, based on how much money there is in your account.  

The third row of the bill screen lets you choose which payment account you want to use to pay the bill that came in. If a certain credit card or payment account requires you to pay a fee for the payment, the Prism bills and personal finance bills and personal finance app will warn you in advance of the extra payment.

Prism Bills and Personal Finance ReviewsThat way, you will be able to choose a payment method that does not charge payment fees. After you decide when and how to pay your bills, you will be able to pay them by swiping down on the screen. That's about it – Prism provides you with an easy way to connect all your bills and pay them on time.

To save yourself time, Prism bills and personal finance remembers the payment information the first time you pay bills. So, once you pay a bill for the first time, you can use the same payment method every time, and not define every parameter again. All you have to do is make sure the bill and payment information are accurate, and you will be able to instantly pay your bills every time.

Is Prism Pay Bill App Safe?

Considering the fact that Prism bills and personal finance app connects your payment accounts, it is important for it to be safe and secure. To make sure all user accounts are secure, Prism uses several protection methods, including the following: encrypted communication, sensitive data is firewalled, and none of the sensitive information is stored on your phone. So, when it comes down to it, Prism is no different from paying bills online, so you can be certain your personal financial information is safe.

When entering sensitive information into Prism, like your account numbers, you will be fully protected by the app's security measures. The said information is encrypting sensitive information in a way that prevents others from getting their hands on it. The second protection method use by Prism is the app's cloud service. The advanced Azure system is the most advanced one in the world, and when data gets uploaded to it, it cannot be obtained by others.

Prism Bills and Personal Finance

Prism Bills and Personal Finance Reviews

  • "I'm glad you had this one in your app store, this is a necessity to pay my bills. I love this app, I can't compliment it enough, been using it a couple of years now, had no problem, that couldn't be resolved. it keeps your balance up to date, shows all credit card balances, loan balances, tell you when payment is due in alerts to your phone, when something is wrong with an account you're notified, if your bill was less last month, and the new bill shows an increase, they tell you too check, and see if there is a problem."
  • "This is by far the best app on my phone. It has changed my life for the better. Paying bills has gone from a hassle to a pleasure. I don't even worry about paying bills on time anymore. Click, click, paid... Any bill from virtually ANY vendor and if it's not available now just tell them and before long it will be. I am not kidding when I say this app has changed my life. If you are a procrastinator or just have trouble keeping up with a dozen web sites and a dozen logins this will simplify your world in the best way."

This is just some of the Prism bills and personal finance reviews that conclude the app accurately; Prism bills and personal finance is an easy to use app that can help you pay your bills on time, and take them into account when planning your budget.


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