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Arkansas North Central Unit Profile and Valuable Information

The North Central Unit is an Arkansas state jail with minimum security for men that is situated in Arkansas. The North Central Unit history is not very popular. The one thing that is well known about the past of this prison is that it was expanded to house as many as 800 inmates in 2010.

Sometimes it is called the Calico rock prison. It offers various programs to help inmates enter society again without any problems. They also offer educational programs for the inmates to help them receive their high school diplomas. There are a few more prison programs in this facility that you will get to know in the later section of this article.

Arkansas North Central Unit Mail and Visitation Rules

Each prison has its own visitation rules for the visitors visiting to meet the inmates. North Central Unit visiting hours are only on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM to 4 PM. However, you should talk about the visiting hours with the inmate as it keeps on rotating for different groups of inmates.

If it's the first event when you're going to meet an inmate, you should get on the meeting list. It is a simple process to get your name on the visiting list. You just need to complete a form and submit it to the Central Visiting Authority. At the point when it gets approved, you can go to visit the inmate.

Arkansas North Central Unit
When you visit the prison to meet an inmate, you should convey your image id with you. Without a verified individual id, you won't be allowed to visit the prisoner. You will be searched by one of their staff people. In case you deny the pursuit, you additionally will be denied to visit the prisoner. They offer same-sex officers for the appropriateness during the search procedure.

Visitors are allowed to use their debit cards for purchasing things from the prison canteen shop for the inmates. The sitting area has all the visitation rules. You should check all of them before visiting the prisoner.

Arkansas North Central Unit Inmate Mailing Address:

Name with DOC Number

North Central Unit (NCU)

10 Prison Circle

Calico Rock, AR 72519

North Central Unit address:

North Central Unit

10 Prison Circle

Calico Rock, AR 72519

North Central Unit phone number:


To send an email to an inmate, don't forget to register yourself at for a new account. Mails that you send an inmate via this website will be thoroughly searched by the officials so make sure to be appropriate.

Arkansas North Central Unit Inmate Programs

North Central Unit offers a wide range of programs for the inmates. These inmate programs help the inmates learn something new while they're in prison so that when they come out of the facility to live with society, they would face no problem. It will also not look like they have lost all the time they have spent in prison.

Arkansas North Central Unit history

Here are the North Central Unit inmate programs:

  • GED Program
  • Paws in Prison
  • Think Legacy program
  • Agriculture program
  • Vo-Tech
  • Faith-based principles and applications for life program
  • Alcoholics anonymous program
  • Anger management program
  • Regional maintenance
  • Storybook project
  • Substance abuse education

Arkansas North Central Unit Inmate Locator

In case you're hoping to find an inmate in the North Central Unit, the GoLookUp prisoner search registry is for you. It helps you get all the past criminal records of a guilty person. It doesn't just apply to the prisoners here in this prison but all over the place. You just need to fill the name of an individual whose criminal record you need to check and GoLookUp will get it for you.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!