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Barbara Ester Unit Arkansas Profile and Valuable Information

The correctional facility, Barbara Ester Unit, belongs to the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC). It was named after Barbara Ester, a prison guard, who died fighting a prisoner in the year 2012.

This facility holds around 580 inmates and trains them to cope with society once they are released. It is the first prison established by the ADC to facilitate re-entry of prisoners into society. The facility mainly houses prisoners who are sentenced to imprisonment of six months or below. It also holds prisoners who have been found violating their parole.

The facility has several programs, which makes sure that the inmates get enough training so that they could be accepted into society after their release.

Barbara Ester Unit History

The Barbara Ester Unit started receiving prisoners in the year 2015. Before that, it was used as a diagnostic unit. The prisoner’s re-entry program started in the year 2016. In the beginning, the facility could only hold 380 prisoners.

The ADC decided to move around 175 prisoners from the Pulaski County Jail in December 2016. Later ADC found that it had no necessary funds to operate the facility with a huge number of inmates. Hence, the ADC decided to construct Ester Unit and the construction was finished in the year 2017.

Barbara Ester Unit
Barbara Ester Unit – Phone Number


Barbara Ester Unit Address

Barbara Ester Unit

7500 Corrections Circle

Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Barbara Ester Unit – Inmate Programs

There are several programs in the facility specifically designed keeping in mind the inmate's behavior and characters. These programs help inmates to easily coalesce into society once they are released.

  • GED Program – GED (General Educational Development) classes are mandatory for all inmates in the facility. These classes help the inmates in furthering their studies once they come out of prison.
  • Advanced Principles and Applications for Life (APAL) Program – APAL program teaches about daily living, anger management, skill development, religious services, financial management, parenting, etc. to the inmates.
  • Substance Abuse – This program is for inmates who have been through the addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse. This program has subprograms depending on the type of substance and characteristic shown by each inmate due to a long period of substance abuse.
  • Preparing for Success – This program prepares inmates for a seamless transition from prison life to community life by encouraging them to learn proper behavior in society and be successful.
  • Vo-Tech Computer Program – This is a program teaches computer skills to the inmates. This program is funded by the Department of Workforce Program.
  • Think Legacy Program – This program is a voluntary program. It educates inmates about employment readiness, social skill readiness, community resources, cognitive behavior awareness, budgeting, victim awareness, family reunification, and healthy relationships.
  • Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE) Program – This program is administered by the Adult Education Division of Arkansas Department of Career Education. The program includes 112 basic skills that are taught to inmates to get employment.
Barbara Ester Unit Arkansas

Barbara Ester Unit – Visiting Hours

Saturdays and Sundays are designated visitation days. The visiting hours are from 12 noon to 4 pm.

Barbara Ester Unit Mail and Visitation Rules

The facility has come up with a few rules for visitors and inmates to follow.

  1. A class one inmate is allowed weekly Sunday visits up to four to five visits a month depending upon the number of Sundays in the particular month
  2. Class two, three and four inmates are allowed only two visits a month. Visitors can visit the inmates falling in these categories on either first or third Saturdays of the month or second or fourth Saturdays of the month.
  3. Four visitors are allowed at a time including children but a spouse can visit with all her children.
  4. Only two adults are permitted to visit with the children. It is the responsibility of the adults to keep children under control failing which the visit may be terminated.

Barbara Ester Unit Mailing Address

Inmate’s Name and ADC Number

Barbara Ester Unit

7500 Corrections Circle

Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Barbara Ester Unit – Inmate Locator

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
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