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Benner Township Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

The Benner Facility

The State Correctional Institution - Benner Township, is located in the State of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. It is managed and operated under the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The prison was authorized to be built by an act; the building of the facility, which is top-notch, began in the year 2010.

It is a medium-security prison that cost approximately $200 million to construct. In 2013, it was officially inaugurated by Governor Tom Corbett. It has an inmate population of approximately 2,000 adult inmates; there are around 540 inmates aged 29-30 years, 633 inmates of ages 30-39 years, around 430 inmates aged 40-49 years, and around 435 inmates of age 50 and above. The total number of inmates employed is approximately 1,400. There are 160 prisoners enrolled in educational programs and 81 partake in vocational fields. The average daily cost of housing each inmate is approximately $98 per prisoner.

Benner Township Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution
The facility has full-time employees/staff numbering 635 approximately. The property measures 46 acres and has a total of ten housing units, comprising of both cells and dormitory residences. The number of operational structures, both inside and outside the perimeter of the facility, is 26. The State Correctional Institution, Benner Township has the distinction of holding a designation of a Mental Health Stability Code D Facility.

Benner Township Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Programs - both academic and vocational

In an effort to reform offenders, the Benner Township prison authorities provide an array of plans and courses that inmates are free to pursue:

  • Educational academic programs: These include basic and general education training, smart money management programs, how-to-read-to-kids courses, post-secondary educational courses, etc. An additional service is offered whereby inmates are entitled to use the facilities of a general library with a section on Law.
  • Vocational training: This includes courses in plumbing work, electrical work, carpentry courses, business management, barber training courses, janitorial and custodial programs. On successful completion of the barber course, inmates receive a license; similarly, on successful achievement in the plumbing, electrical and carpentry course programs, inmates are awarded certificates (affiliated to NCCER/CORE).

More facilities

The Benner Township prison offers inmates more facilities besides training/educational ones:

  • Programs for self-betterment: These include well-being and confidence-building programs for inmates. There are sex offender treatment groups, re-integration facilitation programs, alcohol, and substance abuse programs, mental health therapy and offense-related therapy.
  • Medical treatment facilities and care: The prison has a medical department that makes available medical and mental health care to offenders in prison. The infirmary has a bed-capacity of 19 beds, providing healthcare; a physician makes daily rounds as well. There is also a psychiatric ward with 4 beds; in case of a need for crisis or suicide intervention. There is a dental center that offers dental care also.
  • Religious facilities: The facility offers Catholic, Islamic, Jehova's Witness, Jewish, Protestant, and Native American religious services. Additionally, the prison takes cognizance of relevant feasts and fasts of each specific religious faith at the appropriate time.
  • Department of activities: The facility offers various structured and non-structured activities; an indoor gymnasium, an outdoor yard with provision to play basketball, volleyball, etc, board game areas, fitness programs, and special fitness training for men ages 40-50 years are offered here.
  • Industries: There is a laundry on the property of the prison, employing close to 120 inmate employees. The laundry provides services to many institutions in the vicinity; these are, and not restricted to, Polk State Hospital, Warren State Hospital, the Penn Stater (University), Quehanna Boot Camp, Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, and other state prisons under the Department of Corrections of Pennsylvania.
Benner Township Pennsylvania State Correctional

Other useful information

  • Address of the institution: State Correctional Institution - Benner Township, 301 Institution Drive, Bellefonte, PA 16823, U.S.A. (the mailing address is the same, and you can check for more details on the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections website at
  • Phone: (814) 353-3630
  • Visitation: A one-hour visitation is allowed per visit. Visiting days are Thursday through Monday, from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. There is no visitation permitted on Tuesday and Wednesday. One may search for an inmate at the above-mentioned Department of Corrections website or at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!